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jobsDB proudly presents the “Laws of Attraction”
jobsDB proudly presents the “Laws of Attraction”
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Finding talent is never easy, let alone getting the right people onboard. jobsDB recognises that hirers’ need advice to help them create better people strategies and improve decision-making. As a recruitment expert with more than two decades of industry experience, jobsDB can offer access to a wealth of reliable resources: insights on market employment trends, understanding candidates, and a vast candidate pool (1.9 million) who consider jobsDB as their priority job searching tool.

We believe people with passion deliver the best results for businesses – this is why we strategically build our analytic and insight tools to help hirers find correct and capable candidates who are passionate about their work and will truly embrace the corporate culture.

Laws of Attraction is the largest recruitment study in Hong Kong. It has surveyed nearly 6,000 job candidates across 20 industries and job functions, examining the key drivers that motivate them at work and ignite their passion. This is where hirers will get precise insights on what drives candidates in a job role and how hirers can strategically attract targeted groups via an interactive portal, regardless of location, time and device.

Take a deep dive into our Laws of Attraction to uncover the employment insights relevant to your industry now with only a few steps!
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