Be different with jobsDB brandedAD+
Own a larger ad space from new brandedAD+ design
Own a larger ad space from new brandedAD+ design
Dear Valued Customer,

Given the high demand for proficient talents, how do you put yourself in a position to outplay your competitors?

Introducing brandedAD+, a customized job ad that attracts more attention than a standard one. Designed for a better mobile experience, brandedAD+ provides an instant overview that boosts your job ad visibility and brand image.

According to our survey:
  • 7x more job seekers attracted to a brand with shared values and qualities*
  • 30% of job seekers expressed a higher level of confidence to apply*
To get upgraded to brandedAD+, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service team.
Best regards,
Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited

*Source: A survey was conducted by jobsDB Hong Kong with 518 candidates.
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