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jobsDB has progressed since 1998 from being Hong Kong’s No. 1 job portal to becoming part of SEEK Asia in 2014. Today, we have successfully transformed to a company with strong regional presence and leadership position as Asia’s top online employment marketplace. It is our goal to win the best talent for you, therefore we continue to enhance our services to bring you a seamless hiring journey by offering integrated talent sourcing solutions and great local services.

The jobsDB HR Day is one of our key initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to improve lives through better careers. Every year, the jobsDB HR Day engages hundreds of HR professionals and people leaders to share and exchange views on the latest HR trending topics, as well as to discuss industry opportunities and challenges.

We believe by bringing people together, we drive and ultimately create positive change. We sincerely invite you be part of our third annual signature event.

At jobsDB, we believe in an open and inclusive world for all. Here, opportunities and possibilities are plenty: A fresh start. A new career. A welcome change. These are just a few of the things we help people explore.

As a leading job portal with substantial positions across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, we are Asia’s preferred destination for job seekers. With a team of 800 talented individuals, we’ve a strong local presence in every country we’re in.

With our understanding and insights on each market, as well as our passion for technology, we provide candidates the best opportunities and deliver exceptional value to hirers. and jobsDB are part of SEEK Asia, which is the leading online employment market place in Asia. SEEK Asia covers 7 countries namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

SEEK Asia is the extension of the Australian Securities Exchange listed company called SEEK. The company’s purpose is to help improve people’s lives through a better career. SEEK Asia’s database consist of over 500,000 corporate hirers and over 24 million candidates.

Event highlights

Meet top-tier business leaders from wide-ranging business segments
Ask in-house HR experts about your workplace challenges and get immediate answers
Meet 400+ industry experts during the networking sessions
Learn more about latest HR solutions in the exhibition
All participants will have a chance to win an iPad (32 GB, Wifi) or a LEICA Sofort Instant Camera.
Please bring your business cards to the registration.

You may find out more about our last event here.

The theme

HR the reinventor:
transforming organisations from good to great

As we enter an era of constant change and innovation, it has become essential for HR to reinvent the very foundations of talent management strategies. In order to excel amidst a series of new organisational challenges and talent expectations, HR has needed to become much more agile to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders. At this year’s jobsDB HR Day we examine the role of HR as reinventors. We will showcase examples of excellence in leading transformational HR strategies that are helping attract, retain and develop talent-lifting organisations from good to great.


organisational design

Restructuring existing organisational structures, remodelling workforces and succession planning strategies for future success. Revamping recruitment strategies and redesigning onboarding processes.

talent management

Realigning total rewards in line with desired business outcomes. Realigning and leveraging internal talent in leadership roles.

organisational leadership

Reassessing the composition of the Board of Directors and the role and responsibilities of HR on the Board. Redressing the core values of the organisation and aligning employees globally with the mission and vision. Successfully driving cultural changes through organisations.

organisational agility

Revitalising organisations. Increasing the overall agility of the workforce and the entire organisation. Nurturing innovation and adaptation throughout today’s workplace.


HR initiatives to maximise employee engagement. Creating new energised and collaborative people teams. Turning the traditional tedium of HR into effective staff strategies. Turning up transparency throughout the organisation and beyond.


9:30 – 10:00
Coffee time and networking
10:00 – 10:05
Mr Paul Arkwright, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Excel Media Group Limited
10:05 – 10:15
Welcome address
Mr Martin Hayden, Chief Commercial Officer, SEEK Asia
10:15 – 10:55
Keynote uncovered: Paul Arkwright gets Paul Ryder’s take on reinventing HR
Reinventing learning—linking L&D back to business strategy
Mr Paul Ryder, President of the College of International Finance, Bank of China
10:55 – 11:25
Recruitment market update
“Game Changing” Partner – new recruitment strategy in a difficult economy
Mr Eric Sito, Head of Market Success, SEEK Asia
11:25 – 11:55
Refreshment break and networking
11:55 – 12:35
Guest speaking session [Cantonese]
Reinventing organisational development at LAWSGROUP
Ms Miko Cheung, Human Resources Director, LAWSGROUP
12:35 – 14:05
14:05 – 14:15
Opening (PM)
14:15 – 14:55
Guest speaking session
Reinventing the employee experience – easier, faster, more engaging
Ms Angie Sung, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong & Macau, Hilti (Hong Kong) Ltd.
14:55 – 15:35
Guest speaking session
Reinventing the employee development journey
Ms Daisy Lee, Head of Human Resources Operations, The Hong Kong Jockey Club
15:35 – 16:10
Refreshment break and networking
16:10 – 16:55
Panel session
HR the reinventor—action plan to lead organisations from good to great
Mr CY Chan, Head of Talent Engagement & Corporate Social Investment, Co-Owner, The Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
Ms Ada Lee, HR Business Partner, Global Business Organization – Hong Kong, Google
Ms Ivy Leung, Head of Human Resources and Administration, Octopus Holdings Limited
Ms Florence Tsang, Vice President, Human Resources, Li & Fung Limited
Mr Stanley Yau, Director, Human Resources & Administration, Hong Kong Airlines Limited
16:55 – 17:00

*All presentations are delivered in English unless specified.

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Event flashback

The third jobsDB HR Day brought together almost 400 HR professionals and people managers to discuss their role as reinventors. Our guest speakers shared on how HR strategies can help organisations to attract, retain and develop talent. Missed the event? Here is the quick recap:

Speakers presentation slides sharing

Reinventing organisational development

Ms Miko Cheung, Human Resources Director, LAWSGROUP
Reinventing the employee experience –
easier, faster, more engaging

Ms Angie Sung, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong & Macau, Hilti (Hong Kong) Ltd.

The attendee profile

Close to 400
200+ companies
took part

Who are they?

were managerial grade or above
among 18% were senior executive level

Join us next year?

said they will join us next year.

If you missed it this year, we hope you will join us next year.


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The Australian Chamber of Commerce – Hong Kong & Macau

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