jobsDB Hong Kong journey

Since 1998, we have been continuously delivering innovative solutions for employers to attract relevant candidates. Our total talent sourcing solution empowers employers to search, screen and connect to active, passive and monitoring candidates using a wide array of products and services via a single integrated platform.

Asia's 1st
in offering branded AD+ for employers
leader in talent sourcing
Asia's 1st
online recruitment system

jobsDB and are now part of SEEK Asia; together we strongly leverage on SEEK’s global insights and resources to deliver greater innovation and value to Hong Kong employers.

jobsDB Hong Kong serves:
  • Over 62,000 employers
  • Over 40,000 unique local jobs posted monthly

Uniquely positioned to help you meet the demands of talent sourcing today

year of experience

Source: jobsDB Hong Kong internal data (Candidate Fact Sheet, Oct – Dec 2017)

1.7 million candidates trust us with their career profiles as we have built a long-term relationship with them.

  • We are the most commonly used recruitment media for 10 consecutive years
  • We are the most effective recruitment media in enabling respondents to land a job

Source: jobs DB Hong Kong Limited claim is based on the research conducted by Nielsen Telebus Survey 2017 (Copyright © 2017, Nielsen)

Over 4 million visits

Over 4 million


over 1.1 million total unique visitors

Over 1.1 million

total unique visitors

We capture a high share of candidate traffic

over 43 million total page views

Over 43 million

total page views

Over 37 page views per unique visitor

Over 37 page views

per unique visitor

Over 13 mins time spent per unique visitor

Over 13 mins time spent

per unique visitor

We record the highest quality of time spent per candidate

Source: jobsDB Hong Kong internal data (Candidate Fact Sheet, Oct – Dec 2017)

Our solutions are designed with in-depth capabilities to meet the broad spectrum of your hiring needs, enabling you to win the best talent.

Total Talent Sourcing Solution

Job Ads

Attract great talent effectively via job ads or brandedAD

Employer Branding Services

Homepage banner,
eDM services

Promote Employee Value Propositions (EVP) and attract the best talent

Talent Search

Search and connect with the right talent instantly

Recruitment Centre

Manage talent from Job Ads and Talent Search via an integrated platform

We bring great services to you in Hong Kong.

Local presence, knowledge and insights

Local employees serving as dedicated account managers & customer service representatives to serve you better

Proactive customer service and training

Offering you value-added training, HR events and services

Continuous improvement of candidate quality

With localized marketing campaigns and candidate events

Commitment as your Best Talent Sourcing Partner

Our promise is to be the most effective and efficient employment market place, matching the right talent to your opportunities. We demonstrate our commitment with these 3 core values.

We Innovate

We Innovate

We continue to invest heavily in product development and technology to deliver innovative solutions.

We Lead

We Lead

We lead with a proven track record serving the local marketplace.

We Care

We Care

We aspire to be your Trusted Advisor.