KK Tsang: Create non-blue Mondays for colleagues

KK Tsang, CEO of an advertising agency
KK Tsang, Founder of advertising companies

“As a boss, not only am I responsible for my colleagues’ career, but also their lives.”

Starting from zero

How much do office workers fear the dreaded Monday? Simply take a look at the wails burst out in social media every Sunday evening. However, KK Tsang, the boss of several advertising companies, claims that he is never afraid of going to work. He also never lingers in his bed; on the contrary, he gets up shortly when the alarm clock goes off.

Just at the age of 38, KK Tsang had become the CEO of the Hong Kong branch of an international advertising group. While at a high rank position and living at heck and manager, he decided to quit his job in 2012. Starting from zero, KK Tsang established a brand new advertising group and started to regain his own self.

“A lot of things happened in 2011 and I realised the industry was fattening the top at the expense of the bottom. I was also involved in a serious traffic accident, which made me aware that life is full of uncertainties. That’s why I decided to start my own business that would share the company’s fruitful rewards with staff.”

“Running business does not necessarily mean exploiting.” What KK Tsang says seems to be fair but unrealistic. He proves it by actions.

My job motivation – creating non-blue Mondays for my colleagues
KK Tsang: My job motivation – creating non-blue Mondays for my colleagues

Staff benefits that are almost “charitable”

The current salary of KK Tsang is only one-third of that he earned when he was CEO in the past. Yet, he is willing to allocate one-third of the company profits as staff bonus. What’s more, his staff can enjoy various benefits, including two-day birthday leaves, unlimited allowances on OT meals, book purchase, movies and theatre tickets, among others. Such a generous mode of running a business is an entirely new perception on Hong Kong enterprises.

Such a business operation that’s almost “charitable” results in an extremely low turnover rate in his advertising companies, which is rarely seen in this industry. What criteria does he take when devising the staff benefits?

“In fact, staff benefits are just a means of execution. To truly develop colleagues’ sense of belonging, all I need to do is putting myself in their shoes and take the responsibility of their living. If their basic needs cannot be fulfilled, how can I demand their wholehearted contribution to my company?”

“I hope all my staff can have a sweet and healthy family, and can strike a balance between their career and family. Family is the most fundamental unit of a community; we can enjoy a better society only when we have a happy family life.”

No matter it is company bonus or staff welfare, all fringe benefits are all based on these five words – ‘Putting yourself in their shoes’. It seems to be some old sayings, but not many bosses can really put this into actions.

“Sometimes the staff may have to toil and moil all their days without a break, just because the boss had said something unintentionally. But if bosses can get off work earlier, they can avoid talking something irresponsible. When you talk less and listen more, your staff and their family members will be much obliged to you.”

A boss who takes his staff’s family into account is really rare in the world!

Can bosses put themselves into their staff’s shoes?

Even though there are lucrative staff benefits and a thoughtful boss, now and then some of his staff may decide to quit. How does KK Tsang handle staff turnover? “Most of our staff left not because of dissatisfaction with salary or prospects, but for realising their personal aspiration. I prefer to talk with them like friends and advise them on their suitable career path.”

Hong Kong employees seldom get close to their bosses unless they have to discuss business related issues. A boss that can make friends with subordinates may sound unbelievable. However, if the boss is like KK Tsang, who takes care of other people like he’d do at his own, it becomes possible.

Perhaps one has to face many helpless circumstances at work, but when you have a boss like KK Tsang, who always acts on what he says, Mondays will no longer be blue.