What is jobsDB profile?

Why do you need a profile?

Our study shows that employers in Hong Kong nowadays don’t just sit and wait for application letters – instead, over 54% of them have been looking through passive candidates in the past year*, and the trend continues to rise.

Whether you are now looking for a job, or considering to do so, you can let your jobsDB profile get you the best opportunities out there for your next career jump.

*Source: jobsDB Compensation and Benefit Survey Report 2017

3 steps to create / update profile

Create / Login your jobsDB account

Key in your latest work experience, academic qualifications and related information.

(Tip: Remember to list out your contributions or achievements in school and past working experiences).

Choose your preferred level of privacy.

(Tip: Select “Standard” to increase your chance of receiving job invitations).

3 steps to create / update profile


The jobsDB profile works similar to a resume, but keeping your jobsDB profile up-to-date can bring you additional advantages:

Wait for job opportunities, let employers find you and invite you to apply
One click to apply for jobs
Your info will be shown directly on employers’ recruitment system, which helps you stand out among competitors and increase chance for an interview
Your info will be shown directly on employers’ email notification, which helps you stand out among competitors and increase chance for an interview
Your info (e.g. work experience, academic qualifications) in detail

No matter whether you are actively looking for a job or not, we recommend you to set up your jobsDB profile.

  • If you are looking for a job: After setting up your profile, you can apply for jobs right away with your ready-to-use profile. It is easy and convenient.
  • If you are not looking for a job: You can let your profile get you the best opportunities out there for your next career jump.

You should include your latest work experiences, academic qualifications and contact information in your profile, highlighting your strengths and achievements to impress potential employers. (Tip: Using point form can help employers to find you easier).
Be reminded that you must not put your sensitive personal information (e.g. ID number, full address) on online systems. (More tips)

We recommend you to update the profile frequently, so that the employers could know your latest employment status.

Not everyone can view your profile. Only jobsDB’s registered employers, who have been strictly examined and screened, can search for and view your profile via the “Talent Search” feature.
In addition to applying for jobs with the profile, you can select your privacy level of your profile in the system to allow potential employers to find you;

  • If you choose “Standard”: Employers can contact you directly with the contact information you provided.
  • If you choose “Limited”: Employers can invite you to apply for their jobs via the “job invitation” function. Your full profile and contact information will not be seen by employers unless you accept their invitations.
  • If you choose “Hidden”: Employers cannot search for you.

  • Every time you login to your jobsDB account, we will present you a list of suitable jobs based on your profile settings. You may also subscribe to the job alert email, so you wouldn’t miss any chance.
  • You can apply for jobs with your ready-to-use profile, and your information will be shown directly to the employers before they even review the resumes.
  • Potential employers will use jobsDB’s “Talent Search” feature to find you and send you job invitations.

Besides using a computer, you can also use the jobsDB mobile app to create or update your profile anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait to find your next career move!

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