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UX Designer / UI Designer

2020 vs 2019

Design average percentage of monthly salary adjustment over the years
Top three jobs with the highest percentage of salary adjustment

How does the salary of my work position compare with others in the market?

Median of salary, seniority, and work position in 2020 (All job functions)
Fresh graduate / less than 1 year of work experience
Junior executive or 1-4 years of work experience
Supervisor or 5+ years of work experience
Manager / Senior Manager
Director / VP / CEO
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Also trending: What do employees think about working in places outside Hong Kong?

Would you consider working long-term outside Hong Kong within these two years?

Remark: “Long-term” here implies staying in a job or position for one year or longer.

Our survey has found that only 44% will consider working long-term in places outside Hong Kong within these two years, with 56% not considering this option.

The five most popular countries to work in

Among those who will consider working in places outside Hong Kong, 95% opted for countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia (40%), Singapore (38%), Taiwan (35%), China (27%), and Japan (22%).

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