Motivation Letter(with sample) for a Communication Officer at an NGO

A motivation letter is a single page document to introduce yourself and communicate your desire to work with an organization that may or may not necessarily have a job available. Though there is a subtle difference between a cover letter and a motivation letter, but the purpose of both is to convince the recruiter that ... more

Cover Letter for Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Cover Letter for Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Carving an effective cover letter is a great way to highlight the relevance and unique combination of your skills, and the expanse of your experience while applying for a C-level position like Chief Financial Officer. In your cover letter, you get the opportunity to directly address the recruiter and share information that you would not ... more

Cover Letter Sample and writing tips for Teacher

Cover Letter Sample and writing tips for Teacher

A cover letter is often the first impression you will make on a prospective employer. Therefore, it is an opportunity for you to make yourself stand out from the other teachers applying for the position. A cover letter that demonstrates how you are uniquely suited to the position can help you get ahead of the ... more

Cover Letter for Recent-Fresh Graduate

Cover Letter for Recent/Fresh Graduate

If you have recently completed your graduation and are new to the job market, it is as important for you to craft an effective cover letter as it is to write a strong resume. Since you do not have any prior work experience, you may not be sure about what to write in your cover ... more



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Cover Letter Sample – IT Project Manager

A cover letter is one of the most important tools in job search and is often a first piece of communication with the potential employer. The aim of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and provide specific evidence of what you bring to the company. It should contain how your expertise and skills can ... more


Resume & CV Sample for Food and Beverage Manager

Position Description Position Summary- Food and Beverage Manager Food and beverage managers are an integral part of hospitality industry. They are required to work in hotels, restaurants, and canteens of educational institutions or offices etc., to ensure smooth overall operations and customer satisfaction. They are responsible to forecast, budget, plan and control the ordering of food ... more

How to present your farewell letter professionally

How to present your farewell letter professionally?

When you are about to move on to the next job, change your career or study abroad, it is always a good practice to write a thank you and goodbye letter. Not only does it leave a good impression to your colleagues, but also helps extend your career network, which may be favourable to your ... more