Resume & CV Sample for Editor- Media/Publication

Position Summary – Editor (Media/Publication) Media/ Publication Editors are responsible for planning, coordinating, and publishing content such as articles, stories, blogs, advertisements etc., for a range of set ups including newspapers, magazines publishing, books publishing, digital media, television, radio and so forth. They produce, proofread, and edit engaging content reflecting the preferences of their viewers. ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Housekeeping Supervisor

Position Summary – Housekeeping Supervisor Housekeeping supervisors are required by hotels, inns, guesthouses, educational institutions, hospitals, offices, and similar concerns to assist the housekeeping management by supervising cleaning workers and checking the upkeep and cleanliness of guest rooms, public areas, reception, lounge, and other facilities. They assign duties to cleaning staff and perform routine inspections ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Web Developer

Position Summary – Web Developer Web Developers design, build and maintain web and mobile applications, and modelling tools in accordance with client and market requirements. They may need to work individually or as part of a team to develop websites for the internet or a private network.  Their responsibilities may involve development and implementation of web ... more


Resume & CV Sample for UI/UX Designer

Position Summary – UI/UX Designer User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX) designers carry out research to gather and evaluate user requirements to design graphic user interface elements such as menus, tabs, forms, and widgets etc. for delivering  best online user interface and experience. They work in collaboration with other teams involving product managers, engineers, designers, ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Sales Manager (Retail Business)

Position Summary – Sales Manager for Retail Business or Retail Sales Manager Retail Sales Managers focus on driving sales and generating Return on Investments, for the retail store(s) in their designated geographical location. The job generally involves overseeing  the daily operations of sales departments ensuring that customers’ expectations are met. They are responsible to identify ... more


Resume & CV Sample for Shipping Clerk

Position Summary – Shipping Clerk A Shipping Clerk is often an entry level position that is generally based in an organization’s warehouse and handles all aspects of shipping involving inbound and outbound order management. The responsibilities of a Shipping Clerk may include preparing various shipments on a day-to-day basis; management of warehouse area; packing/unpacking orders; ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Graduate or Management Trainee

Position Summary – Graduate or Management Trainee Graduate or Management Trainee is an entry level position for recent graduates, with or without internship experience, who aim to grow into business management roles. The position gives an insight to new recruits about how an organisation operates. Based on their academic background and aspiration, Management Trainees can ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Communication Officer

Position Summary- Communication Officer Communication officers are responsible for internal and/or external communication of an organisation. Internally, communication officers facilitate the communication between management and different departments to ensure smooth flow of information, such as internal newsletters, financial reports, and bulletins etc., to keep its employees up-to-date of its activities and upcoming events. Externally, they ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Personal or Executive Assistant

Resume & CV Sample for Personal or Executive Assistant

 Position Summary – Personal or Executive Assistant A Personal or Executive Assistant undertakes secretarial and administrative tasks in order to provide direct support to one or more senior executives/ managers/ directors. Though Personal Assistants may have some responsibilities specific to their manager’s schedule and the industry they belong to, but by and large their main ... more

Resume & CV Sample for Receptionist

Resume & CV Sample for Receptionist

Position Summary – Receptionist A receptionist is a key member of staff and a first point of contact who greets and attends visitors and callers in a firm. S/he is responsible to answer their enquiries, as well as guide them to relevant people or department. It is generally a front desk job, based in an ... more