Avoid these 10 career mistakes

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Avoid these 10 career mistakes

We all make mistakes and we learn from them, but it is also a good thing to avoid tripping up in the first place. Keep these ten most common career mistakes in mind while keeping your focus and passion for your work, will help you to go much further in your career, whilst ensuring you get enjoyment out of your day-to-day working life.

1. You are in comfort zone

When you have been doing the same role for some time, you begin to feel comfortable and can often stop pushing yourself. However, a little bit of effort can go a long way. By putting a little more effort in every day and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you may well be able to get more out of your job.

2. You aren’t seeing the bigger picture

Understanding what the business wants to achieve is essential to identifying your place within the business, how you fit in and how your achievements contribute to its overall success. When you have a broader understanding and appreciation of your organisation’s ultimate goals, you will gain a deeper sense of purpose and passion for what you do, which will ultimately make you more successful.

3. You burn bridges

The business world can be a small place and reputation can mean everything. Relationships, networking and word of mouth recommendations are incredibly important in business and career progression. Burn your bridges and you may find that your reputation precedes you next time you’re looking for a new job.

4. You see work more important than life

In order to be truly successful in your career you must also enjoy it. Getting that work-life balance right will help you toward this and will also put things in perspective. Though work is important, and if you don’t feel happy or healthy you’re unlikely to fulfil your career potential.

5. You are blurring the line between personal and professional

Over time you will naturally build relationships at your place of work. However, keeping these relationships strictly professional while in the workplace is a must. By keeping clear boundaries you can ensure that you perform your best when you’re at work, and are viewed in a professional light.

6. You always think the grass is greener

Before you move roles you must ask yourself why you are doing it. After all, simply believing that somewhere else is better than your current place of work could leave you disappointed. The grass isn’t always greener and feeling out of sorts with your current role will only increase the problem. Before you begin to search for an alternative role, you need to ensure you are moving for the right reasons.

7. You are not keeping your skills up to date

Keeping up with technology is essential to keeping your skill base relevant. In order to continue your personal development, being willing to adapt and embrace is a must. Failing to keep on top of new innovations could see your career begin to lag, with younger, more dynamic employees snapping at your heels.

8. You didn’t trust your gut

After working in an industry for some time, you begin to develop a deep understanding of that business. So when it comes to important business decisions, you can let your experience drive your instincts and try to trust them. By doing this you can ensure you don’t have any regrets in the future.

9. You aren’t focusing on projects which will drive the most value

It is important to make sure you are concentrating on the right projects that will drive your company forward, bring in revenue and help your business to grow, instead of the smaller tasks which may not be adding value to the business. Making an impact at work will only increase your motivation to succeed within your role.

10. You don’t believe in yourself

Self-doubt can be dangerous – if you don’t believe in yourself, your colleagues won’t either. It is important to project confidence and sound assured in the decisions you make. You can build your confidence by thinking back to all those things you have achieved in your career. Always remember – you are better than you give yourself credit for.”


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