4 top job skills hirers look for in a candidate

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4 top job skills hirers look for in a candidate

Different jobs require different skills and expertise, but recruitment and hiring managers will always be on the lookout for universal job skills. Here are some of the top job skills that can help you land your dream job, no matter which industry it is in.


In a time where technology is constantly evolving, almost every industry uses the computer or a similar gadget to run their business. It is important for job seekers to keep up with the latest technological advancements, rather then just using your computer to log in to Facebook.

Improve your tech expertise by enrolling in short courses or by reading about up-and-coming trends from the internet. Participate in online forums or attend training sessions and seminars to learn about new and emerging technologies. Your chances of getting a job offer will get better if you have a good grasp of how you can use different technologies to get the job done.

Communication skills

The ability to express your thoughts and ideas through words is an essential job skill in any industry. Knowing how to verbalise what you want, what you need, and what you wish to achieve will give you a leg up in the job market.

One of the best ways to improve your communication skills is reading. The internet literally has millions of articles you can use to help develop this skill. You can also read newspaper every day to keep up to date. Combine this with constant practice and you will be able to fine-tune your communication skills to perfection.

Skills in customer service or public relations

Client relationship and customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of any business. BPOs, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing businesses all need people with excellent skills in customer service and public relations. If you can engage clients in a conversation and provide excellent service to customers, you will be more valuable to potential employers.

Customer service and PR skills go hand in hand. Develop these skills by growing your personal network and honing your listening skills. If you “listen” rather than just “hear” what the customer is saying, you will be able to address their concerns properly and respond to them appropriately.

Leadership and adaptability

Having a “take-charge” attitude and being adaptable is a plus for any employers. True, these two are more attitude than skills, but they are both something you can hone through training.

Leadership and adaptability work well together as they fuel your desire to hone your existing job skills. There is nothing more attractive to employers than someone who’s always looking for opportunities to prove his worth to the company.


The job market is all about being the best. Make your job application more attractive to potential employers by possessing the job skills they look for in an applicant. Ramp up your job search efforts and work on developing these skills, and you will have an easier time getting the job you want in any industry you choose. 


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