Win Your Desired Job With Quality Cover Letter


A successful cover letter should be specific and personal. It should be clean, neat laser copy, yet not mass generated. Each letter should refer to a specific person at a specific company and provide a specific next step that you will be taking.

A basic formula for cover letters is as follows:

  • Standard business letter format – prospect name, title, company, and address – top left.
  • Salutation (yes, it should be to a real person – take time to know who your target is).
  • 1st paragraph – state your objective(s), i.e. applying for a specific position.
  • 2nd paragraph – state two or three top skills, then follow with benefit(s) that you will provide to the company.
  • 3rd paragraph – Give your target contact a specific action to take, i.e. contact you at his/her earliest convenience.

Use this checklist to ensure that your cover letter is complete:

  • One page only and limited to three targeted paragraphs
  • With full spell & grammar check twice
  • Written to someone specific, with the name and title spelled correctly
  • Company name and address are correct and complete
  • Three focused paragraphs (focused on the reader’s needs, not yours)
  • Closes with “Sincerely,”- anything else can be too chummy
  • Includes a P.S. for emphasis
  • Final step: do not forget to follow up, or all the other steps will be in vain!


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