Be careful where you apply to. Here are some online job hunting tips for you

Be careful where you apply to. Here are some online job hunting tips for you

Majority of candidates are turning to the internet to look for jobs. Applying for jobs online, however, comes with its own risks. While most jobs posted on major job portals are legitimate, some candidates can still fall victim to fraudulent activities on the internet.

When looking for a job online, watch out for the following red flags:

1. Receiving interview invites from companies you did not apply for

This is a common occurrence especially for candidates that make their contact details available. Recruiters may call and invite you to attend an interview for a job you did not apply for. If this happens to you, make sure that you ask for more details before attending the interview or do your own research. If they refuse to give you any information about their company or the job that they want to interview you for, take it as a sign.

2. Email address used to contact you is questionable

Most companies use their own company email to send any form of digital correspondence including interview invites to candidates. If you receive an email from a company using free mail services like Yahoo or Gmail, try to exercise caution before proceeding.

3. Asking money to process your application or for training

Candidates shouldn’t pay anything to get a job. While the whole application process may require you to spend on certain things like travel costs, you should never pay anyone for helping you process your job application or for training. Not even if they claim to work for the company you are applying for. If you come across a company that asks you to pay first, politely decline the job offer and leave immediately. Also, make sure you report them to the proper authorities so that no one else fall victim to such schemes.

4. You are asked to provide credit card or bank account numbers

Some scammers may not ask you directly for money but they might request you to provide certain information about your credit card or bank account. They will give you all sorts of reassurances, some of which may be convincing enough to persuade you to do as they say. But in all cases, no matter how convincing they sound, never give out your personal information, especially the details of your credit card or bank accounts.

5. Getting hired without going through an interview

The job application process can be so tedious and troublesome that you sometimes wish that you can skip the whole process altogether. However, if you are hired without ever interviewing or meeting your potential employer, then something’s got to be wrong. Don’t fall for easy and effortless opportunities. More often than not, they are not worth it.

6. Offer is too good to be true

Speaking of opportunities, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you are promised a large amount of money for very little work or if the salary being offered is way out of range for your qualifications then take extra caution.

Have you encountered a scam company before? Share your experience with us in the comment box below. Let us help other candidates from falling prey to these sham companies.  


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