Resume & CV Sample for Content Manager

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Position Summary- Content Manager

Content managers are responsible for creating and managing the digital content, including text and graphics, published on a website to target specific audience and raise brand awareness. They do research to establish customers’ interest and requirements in order to produce engaging content.

Their job includes developing content strategy in line with marketing targets; collaborating with marketing and design teams to develop website content, style and layout; providing editorial guidelines to edit text and images to most appropriate size and quality; proofreading and improving writers’ articles and posts; coordinating with content writers to ensure brand consistency; managing content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic.

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They develop and improve content in accordance with Search Engine Optimisation and use content management software systems to analyse website traffic, in addition to ensuring compliance with copyright and data protection. They keep abreast with new developments and think of creative ideas to gain viewer’s attention. Employers of Content Managers include a variety of organisations including media, marketing, start-ups and e-commerce companies etc.


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Tips To Write CV For The Position of Content Manager

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Content Manager



  • Write a resume summary in 2-4 lines to highlight your most valuable skills and relevant experience to get employers’ attention. A strong summary statement at the top of your resume will make them notice the value you can add to their organisation, at a glance.


A self-motivated and detail oriented content manager with 7 years of extensive experience in content optimization and brand development; Demonstrated creative writing and communication skills with proven track record of performing well under pressure and meeting deadlines. Led a team of 20 members including writers, graphic designers, and videographers.


Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience

  • Draw employers attention to some of your most important achievements in each role that is in line with the listed job and sets you apart from other applicants. Share numeric achievements where possible. For instance- Brainstormed with team members to generate creative ideas resulting in 40% increase in target audience in 1 month.
  • Briefly share experience related to creating content for web pages, blogs, online brochures, newsletters, emails etc. and how efficiently you tracked content performance and generated reports to inform senior managers. Point out your editorial and technical knowhow to develop a content strategy and content optimization using CMS.
  •  Emphasize how creatively you have developed promotional and marketing materials including content for brochures, online promotional campaigns, and sales materials. Link how your efforts resulted in positive outcomes such as increase in web traffic, sales etc. share facts and figures to support your statements.

  • Mention your expertise in managing teams, organising work, assigning topics to writers, reviewing their performance, editing materials, and enforcing writing standards.

  • Use keywords from the job description, keep your resume short and concise, select a clear and professional font to make it quick and easy to read.


ABC Media, Hong Kong

Senior Content Manager, August, 2017 – April, 2019

  • Managed content across all platforms, including email and social media resulting in 60% increase in followers in the first 2 months of joining.
  • Articulated a multiplatform content strategy and tracked web analytics to determine the level of content engagement.
  • Collaborated with the Art Director to administer the creative process from conception to completion.
  • Developed standards, systems and best practices for content creation, distribution, maintenance, and content retrieval.
  • Leveraged market data to develop content themes and topics; identified gaps and created engaging content ensuring compliance with law, copyrights and data protection.

XYZ Productions, Hong Kong

Content Manager, February, 2013 – July, 2017

  • Developed effective content strategy in collaboration with marketing and design teams.
  • Published engaging content and efficiently tracked performance using CMS.
  • Edited, proofread and improved writers’ posts; successfully managed freelance contributors; efficiently provided editorial, creative and technical support.
  • Stayed up to date and managed content on website and social media pages according to SEO.

OPQ Marketing, Hong Kong

Content Manager, March, 20012 – January, 2013

  • Collaborated with campaign managers, creative team, and designers.
  • Created presentations and supported sales team with advanced content material.
  • Monitored, tracked, and documented content results; analysed data and customer response.
  • Researched markets and industries for strategy comparisons.


Key Skills

  • Key skills required for content managers include creativity; the ability to develop engaging content; social media management; expertise in keyword placement and SEO best practices; attention to detail; organizational and time-management skills; excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Software Skills

  • Hands on experience in MS Office and WordPress; proficiency in widely used content management systems; knowledge of HTML, web publishing, SEO and web traffic metrics.


Proficient in MS Word, WordPress, Typo3, and Drupal



  • Most employers require a bachelor degree in either Marketing, Communication, Journalism, English, Computer Science or a similar field.


BA Media and Communication (BAMDCM)

City University of Hong Kong


CV Sample for Content Manager:

Resume-CV Sample for content manager


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