Quantifying Achievements on Your Resume

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When citing past work experience on your resume, it is important to articulate your achievements since employers are always eager to know how you have contributed to the organizations you worked for. By highlighting job achievements, you provide good evidence to demonstrate how you can use your skills to improve work results.Measure-success

So if you have ever initiated ways to boost revenues, improve efficiency or solve a problem for your former employers, you can try to include these achievements on your resume.

When developing your achievement statements, you are suggested to quantify your achievements with numbers that specify details such as project scope and work outcomes. As a result, readers can get a clear picture of how well you did.

The following examples show how your job achievement statements may look like with and without quantification. You can see how numbers could maximize the impact of your achievements.

This is how you can develop your achievement statement if you previously contributed to the success of a project:

Example 1

  • Planned and implemented an office renovation project.
  • Planned and implemented an office renovation project that involved 10,000 square feet of space.

Example 2

  • Organized a photo contest.
  • Organized a photo contest attracting 3,000 entries in one month.

If you saved money / boosted revenue:

Example 1

  • Identified a new cleaning service provider to save cost.
  • Achieved a $2,000 monthly savings by identifying a new cleaning service provider.

Example 2

  • Designed a multi-function seat cover.
  • Designed a multi-function seat cover that generated an annual profit of $100 million.

If you enhanced efficiency:

Example 1

  • Reviewed and monitored the ordering procedure.
  • Reviewed and monitored the ordering procedure to decrease processing time from 8 minutes to 5 minutes per order.

Example 2

  • Developed a computer program for invoice management.
  • Improved data input efficiency by 50% through developing a computer program for invoice management.

If you improved service satisfaction:

  • Trained a team of customer service officers.
  • Trained a team of customer service officers, resulting in a 30% increase in service satisfaction as shown by a customer survey.

If you made an important presentation:

  • Presented at the Asia Talent Conference attended by HR professionals.
  • Presented at the Asia Talent Conference attended by HR professionals from over 15 countries.

REMEMBER: You should be honest about your achievements. If you can only provide estimated figures, make sure the estimates are fairly accurate. Be prepared to give further information to support your statements when asked in an interview.

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