How to make the most of your internship


Internships provide students with first-hand experience on how real work feels like.  It’s an important step towards shaping your professional career and taking charge of your future.  Besides, how well you do during your internship play an important role in helping you secure a job after college.  Whether it’s in the same company you did your internship with or in a different one, the following tips should help ease you into landing a potential job offer in the future.


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  1. First, do show up

Try to schedule all your personal errands and party plans for the weekend so you don’t oversleep and miss work the next morning.  Focus all your efforts in attending and completing your internship with perfect attendance.  Your immediate superior is likely to notice all the hard-work and might offer you a full-time position before you even end your stint with the company.  Reliability is an important asset and a spotless attendance will give you just that.


  1. Work hard

You won’t always get the best tasks as an intern and most of the time you could end up filing old documents or being stuck to the copy machine. While it might not be fun or satisfying doing these tasks, always give it your very best because you’d never know who’s paying close attention to the things you do.


  1. Be responsible

Mind your performance, for it will reflect your skills and your work ethics. Think of your internship as a key to open the gate to the corporate world. At the end of the day, your performance will speak for yourself and it will leave behind a lasting impression of you.  It’s important for you so give it your best shot. 


  1. Put your smartphone on silent mode

Smartphone can easily distract you so it’s best if you put it on silent mode.  Unless you are expecting an important text or call, check your phone only during your coffee or lunch break.  You are there to work so make sure you remember that always. Focus your full attention on the tasks assigned to you and resist the urge to check your phone every so often. 


  1. Build your network

Treating the people you meet with equal respect regardless of their position not only makes you feel good about yourself, it also helps you build friendships, makes you look educated and shows reflects how you are as a person.  Afterall, the people you meet during your internship may just be the connection you need to be hired so remember to treat everyone with respect. (Also recommended: To friend or not to friend your employer on Facebook?)


Internships prepare you for what’s out there when you graduate.  Make full use of this opportunity to learn as much as you can.  Keep your head up and focus on giving the best internship performance, make as many mistakes as you can so that when it’s time for the real thing, you’ll be fully equipped to take on the task at hand.


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