Terms and conditions

  1. This campaign runs until 31 May, 2022, 23:59 hours. 
  2. By participating, you agree to be bounded by this terms and conditions, and that the information provided to JobsDB is 100% accurate and complete.
  3. This campaign is open to JobsDB members only. An applicant must fulfill all of below requirements to be eligible for this campaign,
    • Must be Hong Kong Citizens, or Permanent residents residing in Hong Kong SAR during the campaign period.​
    • Must be a JobsDB member registered on 
    • Enable these two (2) settings on profile pages: (a) Under the “Settings” page, agreed to receive both types of eNews.  (b) Under the “Profile” page, adjust “Profile Visibility” to “Standard”.
    • Under Personal Profile page of the account, with below qualifications: Job Function in either “Accounting, Banking/ Finance, Information Technology (IT), or Engineering” and with Work Experience: At least 3 years;  or in any other industries with at least 3 years of people management experiences.
    • Have joined the “DB Career Network” by filing in this form, and fulfilled all the requirements to be a network member. ​
    • Have registered interest to join this campaign by filing in this form.
    • Submitted proof of job application (with date after 1 Feb 2022) to featured roles listed on the Campaign Landing Page, or the JobsDB Virtual Career Fair 2022 March. All job roles relating to insurance agent and from recruitment agency are all eligible.​
  4. Under this campaign, the 1:1 Interview Preparation Session (“Session”) is conducted by Dora Leung, Elaine Luey, Kevin Chuc and Norris Wong. All conversation happened within the session will be kept between the member and the consultant. JobsDB shall not be responsible to the advices, conducts and any loss that might have arisen from this consultation session. The session is a one-off event. JobsDB will not involve in any further engagement (if any) between the coach and the client after the session under this campaign.
    • The number of session is limited to 30. Quota is allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis according to the CV/ Job application screencap submission time stamp as recorded on JobsDB’s internal system.​
    • Each session will last for 60 mins including waiting time (if any). 
    • Each session will be conducted virtually, between one consultant and one member. 
    • Each Hong Kong Citizen as defined by HKID number, is entitled to one session only. In the event of repeated submissions, duplicates will be removed except for one.
    • The assigned session is non-transferrable. ​
    • Only successful applicants will be notified by JobsDB through email within 3 working days and are required to book the session within 5 working days, or else the session is regarded as forfeited.​
    • Reschedule of the session is allowed for only ONCE. Request to rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours before the original scheduled appointment. ​
    • The career consultation session will be cancelled and forfeited if participant is late for more than 30 mins for their scheduled appointment.
  5. Applicants agree and consent to JobsDB collating, processing and retaining your personal information which includes name, email address and mobile phone number for the purposes of promoting upcoming events.
  6. JobsDB reserves the right to deal with any unclaimed consultation session in any manner it deems fit.
  7. JobsDB reserves the right of final decision, and to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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