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How Business, Operations and I.T. Professionals Transform to Catch Vast Opportunities in LogTech Start Ups?

In view of rapid market changes in the workforce, staying agile to make a quick decision is an advantage for businesses to thrive. Tech start-ups are reflecting major growth, especially during the post-pandemic due to its agility and the increasing need of consumers to rely more on technology. With major development in the tech space and the growing importance of a digital sales journey, Sales & I.T. professionals need to equip themselves with the right digital skills to adapt to future business needs. ​

​ In this session, we will reveal the opportunities ahead and uncover how traditional Sales & I.T. professional transit from traditional role into a tech guru in the start-up environment and understand how they have grown in terms of new mindset and skills. We will also discover their views on future market trends and how their start-up environment allows them to stretch their potential and succeed in the workforce. ​



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