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Key Skills


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Administration Support

Organize Meetings

Equipment Management

Telephone Skills

Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Office

Telephone Skills


Customer Service


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Role Descriptions

" Welcome and Lead customers in Location she/he is looking for.. "

by Justina D., October 2018
As Receptionist, we responsible to be attentive in customers questions, lead on what they ask or needs. Great challenges on ranks of managers to listen in their commands. As well as to be part and get this position , my expectations . Also my objectives to coordinate, unity, and do off and on duty for sake of all staff in good manners of cooperation. I knew each of us have this strong responsibilities, but must give and take, patience for everyone.

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Based on jobsDB profile data current Receptionists have been with their current company for:

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3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
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People tend to move to these roles after being a Receptionist

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    Jobs for Receptionist are paid 8% less on average than jobs for Administrative Assistant

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  2. Secretary

    Jobs for Receptionist are paid 36% less on average than jobs for Secretary

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  3. Admin Assistant

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Latest Receptionist Jobs


26 minutes ago

Kwai Hing

Perform general reception duties. Coordinate and manage meeting rooms. F.5 or above.

Receptionist (1 year Renewable Contract)

1 hour ago

Talent Pro Recruitment Company Limited


Receptionist. administration. clerical duties.

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant- 5 days work

2 hours ago

Attraction Advisory Company Limited

North Point

5 days work. F.5/ Diploma. HK$13K-$15K, Double pay, Medical insurance.

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