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Market Trends

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Key Skills


Employers and candidates mention these skills in job ads and resumes.

Employers want

Sales & Marketing Activities

Prepare Sales Proposals

Negotiation Skills

Sales Order Follow-up

Customer Requirement Management

Resumes contain

Selling Skills

Client Management Skills

Communication Skills

Data Analysis & Reporting

Time Management

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Potential Next Roles

Based on jobsDB profile data current Sales Executives have been with their current company for:

Less than 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years

Looking ahead?

People tend to move to these roles after being a Sales Executive

  1. Sales

  2. Sales Representative

  3. Sale Executive

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Latest Sales Executive Jobs

Sales Executive / Account Manager (5-Day Work)

5 hours ago

Integrated Solutions Ltd

Shatin Area

Diploma/ Degree holder in Marketing. 2-3 years or above experience in similar post. Experience in trading and manufacturing operations.

Sales Executive/Manager (Digital Marketing)

6 hours ago

Motive Power Limited

Kwai Hing

Facebook Marketing. IG Marketing. Video Marketing.

Explore and develop new business opportunities. 3-4 years’ sales experience in F&B industry. 5-day work, Shuttle bus, Bonus, Medical, MPF etc..

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