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Site Coordination

Logistics Coordination

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Tender Management

Cost Control

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Site Management


Safety Management

Space Planning


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Role Descriptions

"A team leader and a team player"

by Anonymous, December 2017
Update daily site progress and issues. Arrange daily work for sub-cons and monitor their work progress. Inspection with main-con and consultant for any installation's done. Join weekly site walk and site meeting. Join safety tool-box meeting. Prepare workers work pass and registered for safety induction.. Check for delivery materials at site

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3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
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People tend to move to these roles after being a Site Supervisor

  1. Project Manager

    Jobs for Site Supervisor are paid 39% less on average than jobs for Project Manager

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  2. Site Manager

  3. Site Agent

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Latest Site Supervisor Jobs

Site Supervisor

15 hours ago

Sundart Timber Products Co. Ltd.

Kwun Tong Area

Site Supervisor. 5 years experience. Diploma.

Site Supervisor


Lahine Engineering Limited

Shatin Area

Diploma / Certificate in Building Studies. Three years on site supervision experience. Independent handling of site operation.

Site Supervisor / Project Coordinator


Wing Tai Contracting Company Limited

North Point

At least 5 year solid on-site experience. Good communication skills in English & Chinese. Good knowledge of computer skills.

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