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Key Skills


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Employers want

Vendor Management

Policy Management

Server Administration

Project Planning

Risk Assessment

Resumes contain

Problem Solving Skills

Critical Thinking

Planning And Prioritization

Data Analysis

Team Management

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Role Descriptions

"Managing teams of specialists to turn proposals into reality. "

by Anonymous, July 2018
• Manage both hardware/network and software development teams to work on all related project tasks • Analysis and provide IT strategies to both internal and external clients and ensure they are aligned with business and functional directions • Lead cross functional teams, both internal and external teams, for project implementation and ensure that the deliverable is align with agreed timeline, budget and outcome • Provide training and support to end users • Provide internal business consultation (IT related) to the senior management group and stakeholders

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Potential Next Roles

Based on jobsDB profile data current IT Managers have been with their current company for:

Less than 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years

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People tend to move to these roles after being a IT Manager

  1. Staff IT

  2. IT Specialist

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Latest IT Manager Jobs

IT Risk & Operation Manager (70k-80k)

11 hours ago


Not Specified

IT Risk & Operation. Information Security. Cybersecurity.

IT Project Manager - Large Scale Tech Platform


Pinpoint Asia Limited

Not Specified

Complex Project. Large Project Management. Sophisticated Tech Platform.

Network Manager - Information Technology

2 days ago

The Wharf Group

Tsim Sha Tsui

Network infrastructure exposure across the Group. Competence in network implementation and operation. 10 years exp in network and infrastructure.

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