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Market Trends

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Key Skills


Employers and candidates mention these skills in job ads and resumes.

Employers want

Sales Action Plans

Selling Skills

Communication Skills

Promotion Campaigns

Sales Analysis And Reporting

Resumes contain

Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Skills

Performance Analysis

Strategy Development

Marketing Research

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Potential Next Roles

Based on jobsDB profile data current Marketing Executives have been with their current company for:

Less than 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years

Looking ahead?

People tend to move to these roles after being a Marketing Executive

  1. Marketing

  2. Marketing Staff

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Latest Marketing Executive Jobs

Sales Executive/Manager (Digital Marketing)

6 hours ago

Motive Power Limited

Kwai Hing

Facebook Marketing. IG Marketing. Video Marketing.

Marketing Executive / Marketing Officer (Fashion Retail)

6 hours ago

Camela Fashion Limited

Lai Chi Kok

3 Years relevant experience. Experience in Fashion Branding. and Social Media Marketing.

Marketing Manager / Marketing Executive

7 hours ago

Equity Financial Press Limited

Central & Western Area

Deal with top executives in listed companies. Interact with financial prefessionals. Experience in financial printing industry.

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