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Quality Control

Buying Office

Delivery Management

Vendor Compliance

Product Improvement

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Analytical Skills

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Logistics Management


Negotiation Skills

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Role Descriptions

"Follow-up "

by Anonymous, June 2019

Supervise 1 merchandisers in YuanJiang. Responsible for development activities by managing and working with Sample room, technical team, fabric mill and trim supplier to develop the samples. Meeting with client for sample development. Communicate with client for costing/delivery/quality issue/shipment arrangement. To preside over the meeting with fabric mill, sample room and purchasing team for production status review and any other issue in order to meet with target delivery. Monitor monthly quantity, make strategy in case of any issues. Monitor the costing with supplier (fabric, trims) and costing department during development stage to ensure no extra cost. Problem solving by discuss...

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Latest Merchandiser Jobs

Junior Merchandiser/Merchandising Assistant

15 hours ago

Hong Kong Knitters Limited

Not Specified

13 Months Salary. Promotion. 10 Days Wedding Leave.

Merchandiser (5 Days Work)

15 hours ago

Hong Kong Knitters Limited

Not Specified

5 Days work. 13 month salary. Discretionary bonus.

Start-up Environment: Young, energetic, fast track. Rapid Growing Opportunity of Start-up and Industry. Immediate available preferred.

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