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Ping An of China Asset Management (HK) Co., Ltd.

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中国平安资产管理(香港)有限公司 (以下简称“中国平安资产管理(香港)”)是中国平安保险海外(控股)有限公司之全资子公司,创建于 2006 年。为境内外机构及零售投资者提供各类海外资产管理及投资顾问服务。中国平安资产管理(香港)持有香港证监会之第 4 号 类和 9 号 类牌照。自成立日起,中国平安资产管理(香港)秉承“专业、价值”的理念,已经在全球投资领域上积累了多年的经验,搭建了全球性投资平台,具备强大的海外投资研究和 组合 资产管理能力,全面 负责 提供全球宏观策略研究、港股及海外股票投资、固定收益投资、 ETF 以及定制化产品的开发。 Ping An of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“PAAMC HK”), established in 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PAOH. It provides a diverse range of overseas asset management and investment advisory services to institutional and retail investors at home and abroad. PAAMC HK is licensed for type 4 and type 9 by Securities and Future Commissions. Taking the core business philosophy of “professionalism and value” since its establishment, PAAMC HK has years of experiences in global investments, and built an international investment platform. With strong capabilities for offshore investment research and asset management, PAAMC HK focuses on research on global macroeconomics, development of investments in Hong Kong and overseas stocks, fixed income investments, ETF and customized products, etc.
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Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Performance Bonus, Five-day work week