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Rehm Thermal Systems (Hong Kong) Limited

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Founded 1990 headquartered in German, Rehm Thermal Systems produces energy-efficient thermal equipment for the electronics and photovoltaic industry. Pioneer in convection and condensation soldering systems, drying and coating systems, we are today the innovative leader in SMT production. Our thermal systems, as well as tailor-make applications, are applied to global ODM / EMS companies from automotive, medical, aerospace, power electronics industries and the military institutes. Rehm Thermal Systems operates 26 representations in 24 countries worldwide. Our China manufacturing site enable us to serve the international markets quickly and to offer outstanding on-site service. Based on state-of-art technology and strictly follow our German headquarter quality assurance guidelines, we provide best-in-class equipment and best solution to customer’s manufacturing process.
50 - 150 Employees
Double Pay, Medical Insurance, Performance Bonus, Five-day work week