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In September 2016, after integration of ships and other shipping related assets in domestic and abroad, COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd. duly established the Shipping Leasing Division (“the Division”). The Division set up two independent legal entities inside and outside China as platforms for business operation and assets management, namely, COSCO SHIPPING Development (Tianjin) Leasing Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai, China as the operation platform for RMB businesses, and Oriental Fleet International Company Limited incorporated in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the operation platform for USD businesses. As the sole professional platform inside the China COSCO Shipping Group to provide financial leasing services in respect of shipping assets and related assets, the Division is dedicated to providing one-stop financial supporting services in shipping related industries for internal subordinate units of the Group and various customers outside the Group. At present, the main businesses carried out by the Division inside and outside China include traditional bareboat chartering, time chartering and other operational leasing, and shipbuilding, secondhand ship financing, sale-leaseback, joint leasing and other financial leasing services, as well as financial leasing services in respect of terminal facilities, logistics equipment and other large transport facilities. Now, the book value of the assets operated and managed by the Division over 35 billion yuan and the ships managed by the Division totally reached 6 million DWT (more than 150 ships managed by the Division).
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