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Company introduction LEAN WORK is a SaaS service provider focusing on FinTech and MarTech. Its core team comes from the top Internet and financial companies in the world. Since established in 2014, LEAN WORK has obtained investment of ten million RMB from Source Code Capital, Hundsun Technologies Inc, Albatross Venture and other enterprises. In 2017, LEAN WORK was listed in China Top 60 FinTech Company by ifenxi. In 2019, LEAN WORK launched the globalization strategy, and relocated its headquarter to Singapore, boosting our company to become an leader of SaaS enterprises internationalization in China. Presently, we have four branches worldwide, and our core products provide services in three languages. LEAN WORK provides stable and reliable technical services with no intervention of flow of fund between financial institutions and traders. We stay true to our initially high quality and service. As of 2014, over 500 financial institutions have chosen LEAN WORK, including SaxoBank, Ping An Bank, London Capital Group (LCG), Hundsun, Tencent and LMAX, Huobi, Wallstreetcn, and other well-known enterprises. We have receive trusts from customers one and another, which pushes LEAN WORK to be the leader of financial industry vertical CRM in Asian-Pacific region! We will go on perfecting our products and services to provide better user experience for our partners.
50 - 150 Employees