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4年前的 GLO Travel 及 Dr. Code,開創香港領先的深度遊公司,及為小孩提供STEM課程的教育機構。這些成功故事啟發到國際關係學者沈旭暉博士,於2年前成立GLOs —— 運用邦聯制概念,讓 GLOs 內的廿多間公司及品牌享有完全運作自主,並為它們提供最佳土壤,以在這「Uber化」的時代設計出最佳的產品及服務。 獨當一面、富有熱誠和擁有國際視野的人才都已經聚集在 GLOs 的辦公室裏,在 GLOs 六大產業下為客人提供最獨特方案。 Four years ago, before GLOs was launched, our founder Simon met two young people and some friends in Singapore, respectively leading to the city’s leading in-depth tourism agency, and a keen advocate and provider of early STEM education. In 2017, Simon was inspired and established GLOs - a confederation of companies and brands, which they enjoy total autonomy in operation, providing the best soil to those who can peek through the future, and design the best product or service under the age of “uberization” - a time when people can choose proactively without an institution. With a global vision, teams of skilled, focused and impassioned talents have since then dwelled in the workplace. Specializing in different areas, we are devoted to provide the most unique solution to clients.
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Flexible Working Hour, Medical Insurance, Five-day work week