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Will you be one of us to help vulnerable children; to help people with avoidable blindness; to help populations in distress; to promote human rights; and to help build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature?

We are a pioneering professional agency focusing on fundraising consultancy and donor recruitment for charitable organisations. Currently, we focus on a face-to-face (F2F) donor recruitment programme. We serve various well-known international charities including WWF Hong Kong世界自然基金會;Medecins Sans Frontieres無國界醫生;Plan International國際培幼會; Fred Hollows Foundation (護瞳行動) and Amnesty International Taiwan 國際特赦組織台灣分會.Our mission is to help expand fundraising capacity of NGOs so as to increase their resources and ultimately to promote healthier social services in the community.

New Expansion

We have newly expanded with a branch office in Taiwan. We would like to seek a capable candidate to grow with us. We will provide overseas fieldtrips to exchange our professional experience with our teams in Taipei.

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