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Established since 1978, Wing Keung Industrial International Ltd. upholds the business philosophy and vision to provide finest quality technology and contract manufacturing services that exact the customers' needs.

Wing Keung Optical Manufacturing Ltd. is the optical division of Wing Keung Industrial International Ltd. Since over 10 years from the beginning, we pay uncompromising attention not only to exquisite workmanship and superior technology, but also to fashionable style and the use of new innovative materials. The basis of our design work is formed according to the demand and style of wearers in the European market, whereby most of our products are being exported. As a result, we boast our capabilities in making ideas take shape. Whether it is for contracted manufacturing or OEM productions, we offer start-to-finish production of high-end optical frames in aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, monel, and nickel silver.

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