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Hamburg Sud Hong Kong Limited

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Founded in 1871, Hamburg Süd has developed from a traditional shipping company into an internationally operating transport-logistics organization.  Today, Hamburg Süd ranks among the world’s top 10 container lines, offering:

Worldwide ocean servicesSophisticated logistics and supply chain managementComprehensive end-to-end cargo care

We operate a fleet of modern container ships employing them in over 40 liner services with a particularly strong market presence in the trades between the Northern and Southern hemisphere.

In Hamburg Süd we are committed to our core values: quality, reliability, service integrity and sustainability. As  an  ISO  certified  company,  sustainability  and  quality  are  part  of  our  corporate philosophy.

Our company theme is “People, Passion, Performance”. We feel especially responsible for our staff. Equally,  we  have  made  it  our principle  to act  responsibly towards  our  customers,  partners and suppliers at all times. In this environment, openness, tolerance and respect enjoy the highest priority.

We have consistently grown our business faster than that of the industry at large and this will continue in the years to come. We are seeking professionals to join our company to fulfil the requirements of our large and dynamic business.

151-300 Employees