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a. testoni Hong Kong Limited

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The history of a.testoni began in 1929 with master shoemaker Amedeo Testoni, whose "bottega" specialized in fine handmade men's shoes. Internationally recognized in the panorama of luxury for the quality of its creations and the traditional shoemaking techniques still in use, a.testoni represents a complex productive reality. Every stage of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to deliver the highest quality standards.

a.testoni由擅長出品手製高級男裝皮鞋的造鞋大師Amedeo Testoni於1929年創立。a.testoni以卓越的品質和傳統的造鞋技術而享譽國際,所有生產工序均嚴格控制,以傳承繁複的工藝,務求達到最優良的品質標準。

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