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Operating under Maxim's Catering Limited, Maxim's Chinese Cuisine outlets have enjoyed a long reputation as the city's top dining venues. Jade Garden, our first Cantonese cuisine brand, was established in as early as 1971 and has been widely acclaimed among diners. Maxim's Chinese Cuisine has since expanded its brand profile to include a diversity of Chinese restaurants, serving Cantonese cuisine under Maxim's Palace and Maxim's. Jade Garden. In recent years, Maxim's Chinese Cuisine has invigorated the brand by injecting health elements into traditional Chinese cuisine, creating contemporary dining venues including The Square, Jasmine Place, Jasmine, Jasmine Garden, House of Jasmine and Cha Cha Room. For provincial cuisines, a diversity of brands including Chiuchow Garden Restaurant, Chiuchow Garden, Peking Garden Restaurant, Shanghai Jade, M&C.Duck, Shanghai Garden and The Pond - totallingover 50 outlets.

Boasting culinary flair and stylish furnishing, Maxim's Chinese Cuisine outlets have proven their excellence with numerous prestigious awards, including the third-time selection of Peking Garden (Central Outlet) as “one-star” restaurant by the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau from 2016; while Maxim's The Square has been named “one-star” restaurant by the Guide for a consecutive 7 years, attesting to its world-recognized quality. With top quality catering and services, Maxim's Group shall constantly strive to run the best dining venues for Chinese cuisines.

>500 Employees