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Over 60,000 businesses have trusted us to source for quality candidates. Find top talents from over 1.9 million candidates that have trusted us with their talent profiles.

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Total talent sourcing solution

We have all the answers to help you fullfill a broad spectrum of placement requirements.

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Attract great talent effectively via Branded Ads

Employer Branding Services

Promote Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and attract the best talent

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Search and connect with the right talent instantly

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Manage talent from Job Ads and Talent Search via an integrated platform

Great local service

We provide great local service centered on local presence, knowledge and insights, proactive customer service and training.

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Our commitment to you

We subscribe to these 3 pillars

We innovate with continuous investment in product and technology to deliver innovative solutions.

We lead by spearheading the market with a proven track record of serving the local marketplace.

We care because we aspire to be your trusted advisor and add value to your recruitment journey.

JobsDB is part of SEEK Global, a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed.

We have:

100 million

375 million
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6000 global


A new global development centre in Hong Kong.


Your Asia’s best talent sourcing partner

JobsDB is part of SEEK Global, a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed.

Striving to meet your recruitment needs

JobsDB is the easiest place to get started. It is one of the biggest job hiring website in Hong Kong with millions of candidates waiting to find you. Get instant suggestions to the ideal applicant for your recruitment needs. Draw profound localised insights of industry recruiters who post numerous job listings every year.

Aligning talent acquisition to your company’s goals and business needs is part of a company long term growth. So whether you are recruiting new employees to fill a new position or to replace, we have the relevant talent to meet your staffing needs.

No matter how big the challenge is, over 60,000 employers have trusted us and formed strategic partnerships with us to search for top-notched talents. Find the most qualified candidate from nearly 1.9 million talents who have trusted us with their talent profiles.

Hire smarter with Asia’s best talent sourcing partner

At JobsDB our commitment goes beyond recruitment solutions. With 1.9 million candidates who have trusted us with their talent profiles, we go the distance to ensure that our talent pool is a trusted talent source. We maintain the quality of our talents by continuously investing in improving the quality and accuracy of candidate profiles with localised marketing campaigns and talent events.

Our team of experts is dedicated to serve you with better local presence, local knowledge and local insights. Our sales team reflects our commitment to being more than just a service provider, but your partner in all talents-related matters. We are committed to great local service delivered by our sales force team that has a strong understanding of the local culture, recruitment needs and expectations of your industry. We provide proactive customer service and training that offers you value-added training, trusted advice, HR events and services.

Recruit strategically and structurally in Hong Kong

The new JobsDB Recruitment Centre integrates the multi-sourcing approach onto one single platform for an easier and faster hiring process. Now, when you post a job ad you don’t have to wait for candidates to begin talent screening in Hong Kong. You will immediately be able to get talent recommendations from the database based on your requirements so you can hire smarter. Our collaborative screening is an innovative approach that allows your HR to work together with the hiring managers during candidate screening process on one single platform.

JobsDB equips you with the right support every step of the way. We enrich you with embedded industry data to ensure you create brandedAD+. We simplify your online search for talent by providing you with tools that gives you greater hiring competencies.

The recruitment solution that helps you earn better returns

Let JobsDB help you earn better returns on your recruitment dollars – returns that we offer not only through effective hiring, but also through thought leadership, knowledge sharing and insights to our customers. Our signature reports such as Job Happiness Report, Top 10 Companies Report, Annual Salary Report, and many more are the first of their kind which represent our continuous efforts to ensure that we are always the premier choice. We have built our reputation on the foundation of three core values: we innovate, we lead, and we care.

With a footprint that spans 7 countries in Asia, we are confident to help you win the challenges of recruitment at present and in the future. We can help you achieve hiring success quicker. Fuel your hiring efforts with us, and increase your odds of recruiting the ideal candidate who can add a great deal of value to the new position.

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