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物業檢驗主任Hong Kong Survey Limited
物業檢驗主任Hong Kong Survey Limited
Job Highlights
  • 物業檢驗主任協助處理物業檢驗及報告, 包括外勤工作及辦公室工作
  • 銀行假期, 加班津貼, 年尾雙糧, 年尾花紅, 晉升機會
  • 公司提供全面及專業培訓, 工作經驗可考取專業資格
Job Description

物業檢驗主任協助處理物業檢驗及報告, 包括外勤工作及辦公室工作

由於必須外勤工作, 持有駕駛車牌者優先考慮 (公司提供用車)

大學或以上教育程度, 中文及英文必須良好, 勤奮好學, 工作細心


團隊合作, 分工清晰, 公平考勤, 按工作表現提薪

銀行假期, 加班津貼, 年尾雙糧, 年尾花紅, 晉升機會




Additional Information
Years of Experience
Employment Type
Full Time, Permanent
Double pay, Overtime pay, Performance bonus
Company details

Hong Kong Survey Limited (HKSL) is the market leader of survey firms to provide impartial, independent, objective, scientific and professional property survey services in Hong Kong. We are also a famous specialist in water seepage survey, structural survey, decoration survey, flat survey and damage assessment survey in the property market of Hong Kong. We aim at leading to advance in the high quality and substainable development of property survey industry and professional in Hong Kong.

Accommodation is one of basic needs of human and property is the most valuable asset in Hong Kong. Property can become aging with many problems and disputes. Facing the increasing property problems and demand for property survey services, we are eager to look for high passion, high quality and high competent people to join our professional team in order to develop our excellent mutual career together. We provide an excellent platform to explore and develop your property survey professional knowledge and your career potentiality in a growing and sustainable property market. 

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