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财富管理顾问/ 财富管理经理 Wealth Management & Protection Management (Internship / IANG Program)AIA International Limited
财富管理顾问/ 财富管理经理 Wealth Management & Protection Management (Internship / IANG Program)AIA International Limited

Job Highlights

  • 新移民
  • 应届毕业生/應屆畢業生/非本地畢業生
  • 管理人員

Job Description


我们是友邦保险的专业团队,是百万圆桌专业的团队。(MDRTCOTTOT最高百分比的冠军区域(MDRT是国际公认卓越的人寿保险和金融服务业务的标准,其中只有不到1%的成员在同行业中表现最佳,COTTOT更是百万圆桌的顶尖会员)- 在过去5年中,我们是全港171个区域中最顶尖的团队之一)因此在此环境下,我们创造了一队业绩超凡的优秀团队,屡获殊荣更于2014年度获得全港区域第一及个人业绩销售第一名。我们团队着重专业操守,服务精神,极具亲和力与活力。团队创始至今,凭着过往成功的案例,专门针对内地市场,形成独有一套的宝贵经验。我们的成员主要来自中国内地香港及海外。(包括:IANG内地优才毕业生学士学位博士学位MBA 、精算师律师人力资源培训导师。)我们的愿景是,汇聚各行各业人才精英,通过我们的区域精英平台,提供多元、丰富的学习交流机会,分享成功。





  •          为在港大陆背景客户及大陆客户提供财富保障及财富增值方案的建议,包括:保险、退休计划、美元资产配置离岸信托、全球基金投资等。



  •          专为内地专才、看好内地市场、有意发展内地市场等人员提供一系列专业培训课程
  •          于一年内通过AIA精英平台成为国际认可百万圆桌会会员



  •          专科以上学历,专业不限;
  •          大陆背景求职者,并且拥有IANG或者香港受养人签证;
  •          操流利普通话,能操粤语和英语优先
  •          活力、外向、良好的沟通能力
  •          成熟、自律、勤奋



  •          提供寻找客户的渠道
  •          完善的晋升阶梯、发展及管理专业财务策划团队
  •          一年两次海外旅行
  •          赞助考取国际认可CFPCFA 等专业资格




申请方法:有意加入我们同创成功的朋友,请按"Apply Now" 提交简历表




We are a professional team (One of the Highest % and number of MDRT COT and TOT districts (Million Dollar Round TableIs recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business, which less than 1% of the top performers in the industry) – In past 5 years, we are the Top No.3 out of 171 Districts),and our team consists of experienced lawyer, human resources trainer, Banker. We are looking for high caliber individuals to join our Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) team.


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Job Description

  •           Construct and organize investment portfolio including Asset Allocation, Wealth Management and Risk Hedging.


AIA Offers

  •          Become internationally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) at AIA Premier Academy in the first year
  •          Well-structured and comprehensive training programs lead by well recognized PRC mentors  



  •          IANG holder or background in mainland will be an advantage 
  •          Fluent in Mandarin
  •          Energetic, outgoing and good communication skills
  •          Mature, self-motivated, hardworking and willing to learn
  •          Degree holder in ANY discipline



Our Benefits

  •          Developing sales channels skills will be provided
  •          Experienced and top agents sharing seminar (methods on how to be the top in insurance industry)
  •          One year fast-track promotion program to management role
  •          Overseas trips and convention   


 Interested parties please send your full resume to us by clicking "APPLY NOW".


All information received will be handled in strictly confidence. Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview within one week.


Additional Information

Years of Experience
Employment Type
Full Time, Internship, Part Time
Benefits & Others
Education allowance, Five-day work week, Flexible working hours, Performance bonus, Travel allowance