AIA International Limited

AIA Wealth Management Manager 財富管理經理 (歡迎 酒店旅遊業/銀行業/零售業 背景)

AIA International Limited
HK$20,000 - 55,000 /month (includes high commission)
Posted on 06 Jul 2020

AIA Wealth Management Manager 財富管理經理 (歡迎 酒店旅遊業/銀行業/零售業 背景)

AIA International Limited

Job Highlights

  • Attractive commission package+Year End Bonus
  • Fast-track promotion program to management level
  • Help you become a member of MDRT within 1 year

Job Description

Job highlights 

  • Clear and promising career path
  • Stable income with attractive monthly bonus
  • Professional on-the-job training


  • University degree
  • Good command of English, Putonghua and Cantonese
  • Experience as frontline workers in hospitality/banking/retailing industry
  • Being forward-looking and visionary
  • Being able to take challenges and work in a team
  • IANG is also welcome*

What we offer

  • Attractive remuneration: HK$20000 – HK$55,000/month (includes high commission)
  • Flexible working environment
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Regular sharing sessions by professionals


  • Provide professional financial services for individual and corporate clients
  • Provide overseas asset management plans
  • Maintain and expand the client network 


  • Allowance, commission, year-end bonus up to HK$ 500,000 to HK$ 1,000,00
  • Travel bonus: Team’s overseas tours and AIA’s most prestigious overseas conventions – Summit Convention and Dragons meeting
  • Rapid internal promotion opportunities



  • 工作重複枯燥,欠缺突破
  • 收入與付出不成正比,難以追上物價
  • 晉升進度緩慢,機會以論資排輩


  • 擁有大學或以上學歷
  • 良好廣東話普通話或英語
  • 酒店業的前線經驗
  • 希望事業上能有更大成就
  • 目標理想良好溝通能力、積極盡責
  • 團隊合作精神,敢於接受挑戰


  • 清晰可見的職業階梯
  • 理想的收入
  • 彈性的工作環境
  • 公司的優質培訓
  • 各界專業人士的分享,擁有更廣闊的視野和知識


  • 為客戶提供廣泛、專業的一站式保障和理財諮詢服務  
  • 提供海外資產配置方案
  • 維繫、開發及擴展客戶網絡


  • 每月津貼, 傭金, 年終花紅, 首年可達 HK$500,000 - $1,000,000
  • 特設旅遊獎勵計畫:「團隊海外旅遊」「高端海外業務高峯會」
  • 享有醫療福利
  • 提供快速的晉升機會

Additional Information

Career Level
Entry Level
Years of Experience
Job Type
Full Time, Internship, Part Time

Company Overview

準備大學畢業踏進社會的你有否感到迷茫不知所措 是否還記得,背井離鄉在香港拼搏的願望?是出人頭地,衣錦還鄉,還是在大城市拼搏奮鬥,博得自己的一席之地?

We, the professional Summit District, are a young and energetic group of talents. With the training courses of Premier Academy, we aim at paving the way for each of you to earn, to grow and to strike a good work-life balance.

我們是專業團隊 Summit District 我們的團隊充滿年青具活力的人才,再配上Premier Academy (精英學院)的一站式培訓課程,培訓教導專業的財富及保障分析和不同產品資訊及其賣點,讓每位新晉精英能踏上成功路,達到「豐厚收入」、「提升自信」與「生活平衡」兼得的快速增長。

Additional Company Information

Benefits & Others
Dental insurance, Education allowance, Life insurance, Medical insurance, Performance bonus