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Posted on 19-Apr-21


Waypointe Limited

Job Highlights

  • Working in Cyberport
  • Entry level, significant upward opportunities
  • Chances to grow in stock market and investment

Job Description

Job Role: Entry-level, multi-function role focusing on systems and computer design, operations work, research support and dealing/trading on our investment desk. We are looking for someone who can grow with us and has a very high ceiling.

-> Note: “Analyst” is the title given to our most junior staff. We are hiring a recent graduate for an entry-level role. We are not hiring experienced research analysts at this time (although this role has opportunities for significant upwards or lateral movement.)

Reports To: Vice President (immediate superior) and Chief Investment Officer
Based In: Hong Kong

Candidates: Hard-working individuals of all backgrounds and diplomas are invited to apply, particularly those with an interest in the stock market and investment. Significant computer and coding-related tasks will be required.

Other: We are searching for a talented, upwardly-mobile individual for this role; someone capable of being utilized in greater capacities later. A successful candidate will have an opportunity to grow within our firm.  Operations work is a significant part of this role but this is not an “operations / back office” position and existing operations or back office personnel will not be considered for candidacy, unless interested in an upwardly-mobile, multi-task role including systems design, financial modeling, dealing/trading and/or research. You are expected to be part of the firm’s risk-taking process by automating our integrated system. 

You will be asked to do everything, and expected to do everything you’re asked to perfection. 

You will start work in June if hired. 

Responsibilities of the Role

The role has two primary responsibilities: Financial Operations, and Systems Design and Application. Significant amounts of assistance in investment research support will be required.

As part of our investment and operations processes we utilize a self-designed, cloud-based integrated financial platform. Most of the role’s responsibilities require both financial and systems knowledge simultaneously. Some responsibilities of the role include:

  • Dealing: Non-discretionary equity trading, routing portfolio manager’s equity orders to market
  • Trade Entry
  • Expand and design financial modules and reporting mechanisms within system architecture
  • Maintain connectivity between our systems and various third parties
  • Automate gathering and organization of publicly-available data
  • Maintain stability of our proprietary system, including troubleshoot issues in real time
  • Expand and build-upon our proprietary system by adding new capabilities
  • Database management
  • Synching and manipulating company financial statements into different formats.
  • Investment modeling
  • Assist with reconciliation of Fund NAV; further automate the process
  • Automate as many functions as possible
  • Assist with regulatory matters
  • Numerous other related responsibilities

Skills & Requirements

Education Level
(pursuing / obtained) : Bachelor, any discipline

Position Requirements of the Role

  • Highly organized
  • High attention to detail
  • Holding Bachelor Degree or equivalent
  • Strong familiarity with Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets; good spreadsheet formatting and command is a must
  • Fluent in Google Apps Script and Python; the more experience in automation, the better
  • Knowledgeable of SQL and Java favored but not required, provided you can learn quickly
  • Able to work independently without direction if required; figure things out on your own
  • Creative: Able to design unique modifications to our system
  • Willing to admit mistakes; have a limited ego and don’t care about “face”
  • Loyal, humble, and trustworthy
  • Burning with desire to learn as much as possible
  • Able to prioritize shifting, complex workload and multi-task
  • Available to work long hours, likely including night times and weekends
  • Fluent in written and spoken English; Cantonese-fluency preferred but not required
  • Capable of self-improvement and can grow your responsibilities with us
  • Able to pass the HKSI Licensing Examination(s) and have qualifications to be a Licensed Representative to carry out Type 9 (asset management) regulated activity.  
  • Keen interest in the stock market and investing
  • Literate in finance and financial concepts; experience in equity financial markets preferred
Please send a 1-page resume in PDF, and write the email subject in the following format: “Analyst Application - SCHOOL - GRADUATION YEAR - MAJOR”. One example is “Analyst Application - HKU - 2016 - COMPUTER SCIENCE”.

Additional Information

Career Level
Entry Level
Years of Experience
Job Type
Full Time

Company Overview

We are a non-traditional, hedge fund investment partnership founded in 2012. We are based in Hong Kong and Singapore, and are set to expand further this year. We seek to expand our team.

Complete familiarity with all stated requirements is not a necessity in the right candidate; a willingness to work hard and learn quickly can more than make up for any small gaps in knowledge or skills. The responsibilities of and opportunities for a talented person successfully holding this Position will grow significantly with our business.

Our company culture is humble, hard-working, and obsessed with getting the little details right.

Additional Company Information

Financial Services
Benefits & Others
Double pay, Free shuttle bus, Medical insurance, Performance bonus, Five-day work week