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Business Development Manager / Business Development Director (New Media Solution)NDN Group (HK) Limited
Business Development Manager / Business Development Director (New Media Solution)NDN Group (HK) Limited
Job Highlights
  • business development
  • social media, pitching
  • partnerships
Job Description

The Opportunity

  • Participate in new business development, pitches and proposal development
  • Managing and maintaining good relationship with clients 
  • Pro-actively develop business in digital solutions including but not limited to social media, mobile and web.
  • Understand the dynamics of the new media industry by identifying key priorities and risks when evaluating business opportunities 
  • Cold call is required
  • Work closely with project management, content development, marketing, IT and other business units of the group to ensure timely delivery of projects 
  • Maintain regular reporting and contract systems of the department

The Candidate

  • Over 5 years of experience in sales and business development experience or account servicing. preferably gained from digital agency and publishers of digital media 
  • Solid experience and good knowledge in digital development project is highly desirable 
  • Passion in participating digital projects development and sensitive to latest digital market/ product development
  • Mature, self-motivated, aggressive, proactive, professional and a team player 
  • Excellent command of English and Chinese (both spoken and written)
  • Good communication and negotiation skills

NDN Group’s constant growth provides each employee with ample opportunity for upward mobility within the company. If you have the hunger to learn, a can-do attitude and want to immerse yourself in the latest marketing trends, both on and offline, this position is for you. We are a fun group of people who like to work hard and we would like people of similar mindsets to join our team. Check us out at and 


If you find yourself capable for this job, show us your passion by sending your CV to APPLY now, including your current and expected salary. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. Candidates with less experience will be considered as Assistant Business Development Manager or Business Development Executive  


10 Reasons to Join Us

1) Freedom To Be Yourself
We understand that brilliant people hate rules and desire freedom to do their work in their way.  Our office environment and work style are designed to cater to A players.  We value your work, as long as you deliver world-class work on time, we will consider to throw away the 9-5 rule for you. 

2) Training and Education
We provide access to the world’s best training online library. From schools such as MIT, Stanford, Columbia; to the best mentors like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy; to innovation and creativity like IDEO, Peter Diamandis and meditation courses from Mind Valley.  From time to time, we bring in our partners from companies like IBM, Tencent, Alibaba, iQiYi, eBay and more to cross-share and learn from each other.

3) Culture
We recruit people who are not just brilliant, yet people with passion and purpose in life.  You will be surrounded with peers and a network that will help you to move your life to a new level.  It’s all about supporting and encouraging each other, giving more in order to receive more in life. We treat our employees like family. We share values and happiness within our network of companies and believe work is only part of life, but there are more to it.  Together, we learn, grow and contribute to our community with the purpose to create an impact on the world through the work we do.

4) Entrepreneurship
We believe the world will be lead by future entrepreneurs and not politicians. It is through entrepreneurship that we can fix and change the world’s biggest problems. We have created our Intrapreneurship program, encouraging our employees to start their own businesses, turning their own dreams into reality. Create an impact in the world and grow their mission, not their career.

5) 4+1 Work Week
Who came out with the idea that you have to come to work 5 days a week? We allow you to choose to take a day off either Monday or Friday to work anywhere you want. You can work from home, at coffee shop, lying on the beach or anywhere you wish. By freeing up this one day, it gives you more room to think through things not only for work but your personal life too. Get your life organized have a clear mind. We don’t want you to have excuses that you don’t have time for taking your kids to school, renewing your passport, going to the bank for your mortgage, etc. Now, you get one extra day to do hundreds of things a year. 

6) Winning
We cannot WIN without failing. We believe in failing forward and failing fast. We are not playing sports or being in school here, in the business world, it is either you win a deal or you lose it.  You won’t get 1st running up or 2nd running up! We are here to win.  Meanwhile, everything we fail we learn from our failures, mistakes and celebrate it! It will be stupid to repeat our failures so that we celebrate to ensure we remember why we lost.

7) Innovation and Creativity
We never change things by fighting the existing reality.  We change things by building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.  Our work culture values innovation and creativity. We don’t judge right or wrong here, what works and what not.  We test and trial and error, share crazy ideas then take massive action to make it happen.  Any ideas you could think of, we share it internally and externally! Put massive action to make it work and we create things that only add values to the system.

8) Impact
We believe the world needs young people to make an impact, making the world a better place before we leave this place.  Being a caring company is not enough hence we need to take action to change the world. Keep inspiring everyone around us to make an impact.  From telling a story or writing a blog, sharing your love to sparing your time, whatever you can do, you should put an effort to care about the world. 

9) Dream
DREAM BIG. Dream Big with us here because no matter you dream Big or Small, it’s for Free! Dreaming cost you nothing! We are all dreamers however, dreaming is not enough. It is by taking massive action and not giving up easily that make your dreams come true.  We are here to support your dreams……dream of travelling around the world? Dream of starting your business? Dream of helping the world through your mission trip? It’s all we do here!

10) Teach
We don’t just learn here, we teach! You will teach even you are at the most junior level.  We believe everyone has something to share, something to teach. To teach a skill, mistakes and challenges. It’s by teaching we all learn and grow faster.  We open up opportunities for everyone to teach our staff, our clients and also our community! Join us and prepare to be a teacher!

Additional Information
Years of Experience
5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Five-day work week, Life insurance, Medical insurance, Performance bonus, Work from home
Company Website
Company details

NDN Group is a digital conglomerate and investment group focused on building, acquiring, and growing companies in the digital space. Our businesses are involved in a wide range of industries across multiple markets, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, digital advertising, mobile app development, social media services, e-Commerce and content development and distribution.

Why Work the Same? Now you don’t!  Why work has to be a boring word. Why people are so frustrated about Monday morning when they get to work and so excited about Friday nights after work? So let’s change the Monday to Friday work week. Instead, get paid to create, learn and grow! Read the 10 Reasons To Join Us at the bottom of the JD to learn more.