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Chief Theatre Technician (Rigging & Automation.Projection & AVIT) 總劇場技師 (電腦懸掛.多媒體投影) (Ref: 17146G)West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Chief Theatre Technician (Rigging & Automation.Projection & AVIT) 總劇場技師 (電腦懸掛.多媒體投影) (Ref: 17146G)West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
Job Highlights
  • leading a team of technicians,
  • Planning and managing the technical operations
  • Knowledge of the safe rigging, installation
Job Description

The purpose of the Technical and Productions Team is to create and run, to the highest standard, all the technical aspects of the West Kowloon Cultural District Performing Arts facilities, productions, presentations and related projects.

We are recruiting for experienced theatre technical professionals specialising in Rigging & Automation or Projection & AVIT to join the Technical and Productions Team of Performing Arts Division. 

You will be responsible for:

  • leading a team of technicians, casuals and show operators to deliver technical elements of productions, and coordinating with internal and external parties in the planning and execution of production and technical work during move-in, rehearsals, performances and move-out;
  • planning and managing the technical operations for Performing Arts venues in the district, and ensuring all work is at the highest standard of safety, quality and efficiency in compliance with the policy, procedures and statutory regulations;
  • acting as a key liaison role throughout the production process to realise artistic ideas for productions and provide the highest level of technical supports and services to venue users and audience;
  • working closely with artists, creative teams and production team of allocated productions to deliver successful productions and performances;
  • leading and participating in the smooth running of all fit-ups, get-ins, rehearsals, performances, changeovers and get-outs;
  • maintaining theatre technical equipment, facilities and infrastructure in good working order; planning preventative maintenance and managing technical storage and stock control; and
  • keeping abreast of up-to-date theatre technology and industry best practices and playing an integral role to identify technical training needs, organising and delivering regular and specialist training, staff inductions as well as training assessments.

You should:

  • possess at least 5 subjects at Level 2 / Grade E or above in the HKDSEE / HKCEE or equivalent academic qualification, and
  1. A minimum of 8 years’ technical experience in theatre with demonstrable experience in production creation, realisation and running productions and performances, operation and maintenance of theatrical equipment and infrastructure; OR
  2. At least an accredited advanced diploma in Technical Arts or equivalent technical qualification from a recognised tertiary education with a minimum of 4 years’ relevant working experience in theatre;
  • demonstrate experience of working in a professional theatre or performing arts environment;
  • have ability to master theatre plans, sections and design drawings, and understanding of modern theatre production techniques, knowledge of creating and interpreting of technical drawings, specifications and design documentation;
  • show strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate and manage a team, and demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in problem solving; and
  • be proficient in written and spoken English and Chinese.

You may refer to the job requirements for the following specific disciplines:

Specialising in Rigging & Automation, you should:

  • have solid experience of organising and managing the erection and rigging of overhead scenery, drapes and masking;
  • be capable of running and maintaining overhead lifting equipment and controls, including hoists, winches, counterweight set and loose rigging equipment; and
  • have demonstrable experience of setting up and running safe systems of work relating to lifting and rigging operations and equipment during fit-ups, rehearsals and live performances.

Specialising in Projection & AVIT, you should:

  • have solid experience and knowledge of the safe rigging, installation and operation of theatre video projection systems and image capture equipment for local and overseas productions and performances; and ability in maintaining theatre video, projection, capture, editing, playback, AVIT systems and equipment;
  • have demonstrable experience of creating video effects and recordings, operating video playback, recording systems and related IT systems to support theatre operations, productions and performances; and
  • be knowledgeable of mixing and record live video for broadcast and archiving, IP network in theatre or entertainment industry.

For interested parties, please complete the online application form enclosed with your CV on or before 26 May 2019.

Data collected will only be used for job application processing. Your data may be accessed by our appointed recruitment consultants who have agreed to keep confidence of all personal data in not less than the standards applicable to us. Applicants not being invited for interview within 4 weeks from 26 May 2019 may assume their applications unsuccessful.

All related information will be kept up to 24 months and all personal data will be destroyed afterwards.

For more information or contact Ms. Kiffany Lee at 2200-0013


總劇場技師 (電腦懸掛.多媒體投影)





  • 於入台、綵排、演出及舞台拆卸期間,帶領由技師和舞台製作人員組成的團隊,與西九各部門及表演合作夥伴緊密合作,執行表演節目相關的製作統籌及技術策劃工作;
  • 負責表演藝術場地的策劃及技術營運管理,確保所有工作達致最高安全標準與製作水平,並符合西九管理局的政策、程序和法定要求;
  • 在製作過程中擔任主要聯繫人,協助藝術概念的實踐,為場地使用者及觀眾提供最佳的技術支援及服務;
  • 與藝術家、創作團隊及製作團隊緊密合作,讓製作和演出順利完成;
  • 帶領及參與所有入台程序,包括綵排、演出及舞台拆卸工作;
  • 確保劇場技術器材、設備及設施維持良好狀況,制訂定期維修保養計劃和工作,並為相關劇場技術設備及設施作庫存管理;
  • 根據最新舞台技術發展和運作專業守則,組織和提供定期的入職培訓、技術培訓及評估。


  • 在香港中學文憑考試/香港中學會考五科考獲第2級 / E 級或以上成績,或具同等學歷;及


(二)持有相關的舞台及製作藝術 (或科藝) 高級文憑,或持同等或以上學歷,並具有四年或以上相關的劇場技術工作經驗。

  • 具有專業劇場或表演藝術的工作經驗;
  • 能掌握和熟悉劇場技術藍圖和設計藍圖,充分了解現代劇場舞台技術及製作模式和技巧,具制訂技術藍圖、技術規格及技術設計文件等相關知識;
  • 具備領導才能,能帶領及管理技術團隊,以富創意和靈活的方式解決問題;
  • 具備中英文書寫和會話能力。




  • 裝設及拆卸舞台佈景和高空布幕的豐富統籌、管理工作經驗;
  • 操作和保養劇場起重和控制裝置等工作經驗,當中包括鐵錬吊車、手動式絞動吊杆、劇場電腦懸掛系統及其他相關設備的工作經驗;以及
  • 於裝台、排練和演出期間,負責佈景懸掛相關設備的安全裝設與操作的經驗。


  • 本地及海外演出、多媒體投影及劇場資訊科技等方面的工作經驗,當中包括安全懸吊及安裝投影設備、管理及保養劇場投影、多媒體資訊科技設備和系統等相關經驗;
  • 錄像效果創作、影像錄影與相關設備系統操作,以及劇場資訊科技和演出製作的相關工作經驗;以及
  • 現場直播、現場錄製、調整錄像效果及錄像存檔的相關知識及工作經驗;及相關的電腦網絡應用知識。






Additional Information
Career Level
School Certificate
Job Function
Years of Experience
8 years
Employment Type
Full Time
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The West Kowloon Cultural District brings together art, education and public space. Our Performing Arts Division supports the production, presentation and learning of performing arts of all disciplines – including xiqu, dance, music, theatre and other art forms. The recently opened Xiqu Centre, our first major venue, is a world-class centre for the promotion and development of Cantonese opera and other forms of Chinese traditional theatre. Our next venue, Freespace, scheduled to open later this year in the centre of the West Kowloon Art Park, comprises a black box theatre, rehearsal studios and live house venue presenting innovative, contemporary performance across all disciplines. With planning and construction for more performing arts centres under way, we are establishing a performing arts environment in Hong Kong that enables artists and art groups to collaborate and grow together. By supporting local and regional creators, and promoting artistic excellence and diversity, we are building a new model rooted in international experience and local knowledge, establishing a wider audience for all types of performing arts, and positioning Hong Kong performing arts firmly on the world stage.