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Director - Product / Project Development (產品開發總監)Puzhen Life Co., Limited
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  • Posted on 13 May 2019
Director - Product / Project Development (產品開發總監)Puzhen Life Co., Limited
Job Highlights
  • 负责公司的软硬件产品定义与体验优化工作
  • 设计产品功能和交互,输出高质量的需求文档和原型
  • 学士学位或同等学历,至少3年以上智能硬件产品经理工作经验
Job Description

Responsibilities (負責):

  • Responsible for the software and hardware product definition and optimization. Planning and formulating the market positioning and product definition of each product line; conducting new product market research, user research, competitive product analysis, initial product definition and so on. (负责公司的软硬件产品定义与体验优化工作,规划和制定各产品线的市场定位和产品定义;进行新产品的市场调研,用户调研,竞品分析,初期产品定义等工作。)
  • Design product functions and deliver product spec and prototypes. (设计产品功能和交互,输出高质量的需求文档和原型。)
  • In order to ensure the continuous innovation of the products, deeply study the small household appliances, smart home or beauty products, pay close attention to the frontier technology of the industry and explore the possibility of the implementation of the new technology in the products. (对小家电、智能家居或美容健康产品进行深入研究;持续关注并研究行业前沿技术,挖掘新技术在产品上实施的可能性,以保证产品在技术上的持续创新。)
  • Responsible for customer growth and demand analysis, market analysis, combined with the company products, determine reasonable, innovative product design and product development plan, arrange project priority. (负责用户成长体系等方向的需求分析、市场分析,结合公司线上线下产品,确定合理、创新的产品设计方案及产品发展计划,安排项目优先级。)
  • Formulate product strategies from the perspective of users, control the key nodes of user transformation, and continuously optimize the links of user transformation, retention and activity (参与用户增长,从用户角度制定产品策略,对用户转化的各关键节点进行把控,对用户转化、留存、活跃度的各环节持续进行优化。)
  • User feedback analysis and usage data, continuous improvement of the service quality of each functional module, and improvement of user experience. (持续分析产品用户反馈和使用数据,不断提高各功能模块的服务质量,改善用户体验。)
  • Involve with technical development, operation, marketing, sales and so on, coordinate resources, complete product development, test, acceptance and training. (负责与技术开发、运营、营销、销售等进行沟通,协调资源,完成产品方案的开发,测试,验收、培训)
  • communication with multiple partners to promote the solution of various problems and the realization of new needs (开展和跟进与多个合作伙伴之间的合作沟通,推进各类问题的解决和新需求的合作实现。)
  • Drive engineering department to improve product details continuously (跟工程部门沟通,驱动产品的细节不断完善和提高。) 

Requirements (要求資歷):

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent, at least 3 years working experience as intelligent hardware product manage. (学士学位或同等学历,至少3年以上智能硬件产品经理工作经验)
  • Familiar with intelligent hardware, have unique ideas and ideas for hardware products, be able to understand the user experience from the perspective of users, thinking divergence, and continuously in-depth research and polishing products.(熟悉并且热爱智能硬件,对硬件产品具有独特的想法和思路,能够从用户的角度出发,深入了解用户体验、思维发散,不断深入研究和打磨产品。)
  • Sensitive to data, have excellent ability of information integration and analysis, and be able to form forward-looking judgment (对数据敏锐,具备优秀的信息整合和分析能力,且能形成有前瞻性的判断)
  • Familiar with product managerundefineds workflow, able to output product design documents independently: function points split, prototype drawings PRD documents. (熟悉产品经理的工作流程、能独立完整的输出产品设计文档:功能点拆分、原型图、PRD文档。有从0到1的经验优先)
  • Ability to finish one major product independently. Or able to handle big product improvements independently (有能力独立主导至少一个重大产品的整体设计,或重大版本改进)
  • Have the ability of project management, control the quality of product design and development, promote the success of the project (具备项目管理能力,把控产品设计与开发质量,推动项目成功)
  • Can effectively integrate existing products with internal and external resources, Understanding of the current situation and trends of the industry, the future product development path and opportunities and challenges, formulate executable product strategy; can make medium- and long-term planning on multiple products (能有效整合现有产品及内外资源,结合对业界现状趋势的了解,判研未来产品发展路径及机遇挑战,制定可执行的产品战略;能在多个产品上能做出中长期规划)
  • Strong logical thinking ability, able to analyze things objectively, good at analyzing problems from different angles (逻辑思维能力强,能客观的分析事物,善于站在不同角度分析问题)
  • Strong communication skills, be able to express their intentions well, and know how to think of others, can quickly understand the needs of the other side (沟通能力强,能够很好的表达自己的意图,并懂得换位思考,能快速了解对方需求)
  • Self-driven, strong driving ability, able to accomplish tasks well under high pressure, result-oriented (自我驱动,推动能力极强,能在高压情况下,以结果为导向,出色完成任务)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, good at external communication and cooperation. Well coordination with other department and promotion skills (出色的书面表达和口头沟通能力,对外沟通合作能力和跨部门统筹推动能力强)
  • Proficient in written and spoken English, Cantonese and Mandarin (精通英语,广东话和普通话)
Additional Information
Years of Experience
3 years
Employment Type
Full Time, Permanent
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