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Fashion Consultant(Sales Associate)睿侈極品(香港)有限公司
Fashion Consultant(Sales Associate)睿侈極品(香港)有限公司
Job Highlights
  • Italian Men's Wear
  • Luxury Brand
  • High end custom
Job Description



REPORTS TO: Store Manager


Major Responsibilities:



  • Join in the daily store operations


  • Provide and maintain excellent customer service and a pleasant shopping environment consistent with brand image


  • Maintain current and potential customers to establish client relationship


  • Keep customers informed on new products or services, changes, etc.


  • To handle client enquiries and concerns  處理顧客詢問及疑問
  • Execute sales plans and participates in marketing events and promotion programs


  • Keep records and reports on sales activities 記錄並彙報銷售資料
  • Other duties as assigned 其它安排的工作職責



Requirements & Capabilities:


  • At least 1 year of relevant experience in high-end fashion, luxury industry or in similar capacity


  • Passion in retail industry with good selling skills


  • Likes fashion and appreciates quality products


  • Fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese


Additional Information
Career Level
Not Specified
Form 3
Company details

The STEFANO RICCI Company was founded in 1972 by Florentine designer Stefano Ricci. Passionate about ties, he decided to cre-ate his own designs at a very young age. His creations were immediately received enthusiastically when he first participated in the Pitti Immagine Uomo fashion exhibit in Florence. In this international setting the STEFANO RICCI tie collection emerged thanks to the innovative, yet very classic nature of his patterns. Stefano Ricci had transformed the role of the tie from a simple accessory item to a real protagonist of menswear.
STEFANO RICCI 品牌是由佛罗伦萨设计师Stefano Ricci先生于1972年创立。Stefano Ricci先生从小就喜爱收集领带,青年时代开始,便立志打造一个属于自己的领带王国。当他首次在佛罗伦萨的Pitti Immagine Uomo男装盛会登场时,他的领带作品立刻受到热烈的回响。他的第一个领带系列,不仅运用了创新的“褶皱”设计,还运用了独特而经典的佩斯利图案,也因此STEFANO RICCI成功的将人们一直以来视领带为配角的观念,转化成男装中的主角。

The extreme pursuit of perfection, the selection of leathers and fabrics and the greatest care for details, represent the core values of the Brand. This motivated the company to purchase in 2010 the Antico Setificio Fiorentino, a true historical factory that pro-duces silk fabrics for noble families throughout the world, since 1786, using antique hand looms to this day.
STEFANO RICCI一直以来坚信其核心价值的体现在与追求极致完美,对于皮革的精心挑选及制作和对于繁复细节的注重。因此,在2010年还收购了17世纪的古佛罗伦萨丝绸工坊 (Antico Setificio Fiorentino )。自1789年以来,这个工坊仅向欧洲皇室贵族提供丝绸华服,并采用意大利传统手工工艺至今。

The STEFANO RICCI garments enrich the wardrobes of the most renowned international celebrities, head of states, industry lead-ers and royal families and have always been a concrete testimonial of how fashion can become a lifestyle.
STEFANO RICCI的设计为男性在举手投足之间带来无限的尊贵,他也替许多国际间负有盛名的国家领袖﹑企业家﹑影视明星和皇室贵族亲手量身打造高级定制服饰系列,并为世人诠释了低调、奢华的生活方式。

Today, the brand is run by Stefano Ricci, his wife Claudia and his two sons, Niccolò (C.E.O.) and Filippo (Creative Director). They are more than ever committed to bringing Italian fashion to the world, with 43 boutiques internationally including Milan, Paris, Florence, Monte-Carlo, New York, Beverly Hills, Moscow, Kiev, Doha, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Macao.
如今,Stefano Ricci先生与他的夫人 Claudia, 还有他两个儿子Niccolo (C.E.O) 与Filippo (艺术总监) 全心致力于对品牌的提升,以及将原汁原味的意大利时尚推向世界。至今其精品店已覆盖米兰、巴黎、佛罗伦萨、蒙特卡罗、纽约、贝弗利山庄、莫斯科、基辅、多哈、东京、首尔、新加坡、上海、北京、澳门等43多个国际一线城市。