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Sourcing Analyst (Merchandiser)PetSmart International Holdings Limited
  • Kwun Tong
  • Salary provided
  • Posted on 13 Aug 2019
Sourcing Analyst (Merchandiser)PetSmart International Holdings Limited

Job Highlights

  • Degree
  • 3 yrs experience in sourcing office
  • Well organised

Job Description

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to:

  • Support new product development activities in Asia Pacific sans China required during all phases of product development to commercialize each season’s new product designs.
  • Support dog/cat food and treats sourcing activities from HK office for PetSmart and its partners.
  • Expertise in global dog/cat food consumable import/export regulations.
  • Closely consult and collaborate with US personnel in sourcing, product development and merchandising to create a strong teamwork culture.
  • Collaborate with PetSmart factories to understand and revise new product details. Communicate any requested changes back to US product developers.
  • Work closely with factories/suppliers to update changes authorized by US product developers.
  • Negotiate 1st price quotations for all new product development items.
  • Re-negotiate price when quotations do not meet targets or PetSmart’s internal cost analysts have identified an opportunity to reduce prices.  
  • Order, review and submit new product confirmation samples to US product developers and Merchandising group on a timely basis. Inform and advise US product developers on all issues relating to new product development items.
  • Rework and re-order confirmation samples based on US product development comments.
  • Resubmit any sample changes to US product developers to get final US approval.
  • Submit/confirm final approvals for corrected samples to factories/suppliers.
  • Based on revised samples, correct new product specifications.
  • Hand-off required new product specs and confirmation samples to Asia Production Management team for inclusion in PetSmart’s seasonal product line


  • Ensure all specifications for each new product is clearly understood by PetSmart vendors.
  • Ensure prices and terms meet PetSmart goals.
  • Negotiate 1st price quotes, minimums and deliveries with factories/suppliers for all new products.
  • Inform US PD staff of all changes required to either commercialize new product and/or meet price targets.
  • Re-negotiate prices based on changes authorized by US product development.
  • Ensure 1st samples and supplementary materials are on time and meet US product development and US Merchandising requirements.
  • Ensure the body of new product data handed off to Asia purchase planning department is complete and correct.

Key Job Tasks:
New Product Placement Phase:

  • Upon receipt of new products, review and confirm all product development specifications with US product development personnel.
  • Confirm receipt of all development samples, swatches, pictures, etc. associated with each new product.
  • Consult with US product development to resolve all incomplete, unclear or unspecified product issues.
  • Log each new product into tracking system.
  • Collaborate with the sourcing/production team and Hong Kong general management to determine which factory(s) to use for each new item.
  • Meet with personnel at selected factory(s) to review complete product and manufacturing details for each new product.
  • Provide each factory with:

Product specifications for each new product that include:

Material IDs

Size and color details

Construction and functionality description

Technical details as required by the new product spec

Testing and certification requirements


Future demand forecast for each new product.

Delivery requirements

Sample requirements

  • Request quotation for each new product.
  • Collect, clarify and facilitate answers to all factory questions for each NPD item.
  • Modify specifications as required and approved by US product development.

Costing/Margin Review Phase:

  • Receive new product quotations and cost sheets for each new product.
  • Review each item with Asia cost analyst for the required product category.
  • Identify which items will need further negotiations to meet/exceed margin targets.
  • Review/discuss quotations with US product development.
  • Begin discussion and negotiations with factories focused on items that require lower prices.

Negotiate best price for each new product with factories.

Collect factory suggestions about changes required to meet price targets.

Advise US PD about suggested changes to each new product required to meet price targets.

Get approvals from US product developers to make commercialization changes and advise factories of changes.

US PD releases revised new product spec to reflect changes.

Finalize quotations for all new products.

Sampling Phase:

  • Order required number of samples and supporting merchandising materials for each new product.
  • Enter 1st confirmation sample requests into sample tracking system.
  • Share sample schedule with each factory.
  • Track each new product to ensure timely delivery.
  • Advise and consult with US product development regarding any material or construction changes required by factory during the sample making phase.
  • Advise factories of authorized changes to expedite samples.
  • Receive 1st samples and related materials for each new product item. Review to ensure they meet specs.
  • Order reworks when necessary.
  • Send all samples to US product development.
  • Upon receipt, review sample details with US product development. Pass comments to vendors and expedite any changes or replacements samples as required.
  • Elevate sample status if there are technical or factory challenges that could cause delivery delays.

Pre-Production Phase (Post US Merchandise Adoption Meeting):

  • Advise factories of any pre-production changes to adopted new product items.
  • Hand-off spec sheets, quote sheets and other product data to the Asia Production Planning department.
  • Production planners prepare for the Purchasing Phase.

Key Processes/Systems:

  • Maintain database to track all new product specs and spec changes
  • Conduct daily email communication with relevant US personnel about new product items in work
  • Conduct daily communication by email and phone with factory personnel
  • Oversee sample processes:

Receipt, storage and retrieval of new product samples and related development materials received from the US (by season and year).

Track delivery of all new product samples; 1st confirmation and revised samples

Communicate sample delivery status on a scheduled basis

Conduct internal sample evaluations prior to sending samples to the US

Ship samples to the US

Maintain records of all factory issues with new product samples and specs

Maintain records of US authorized changes to new product samples and specs

  • Update database to maintain new product data:

Price quotes

Spec and sample changes

Sample deliveries

Lab testing requirements and results

  • Utilize the product costing database developed by the cost analyst team.
  • Develop a library of new products for future reference
  • Participate/contribute to the factory/Supplier Scorecard system.

Collaborates with:

  • China Sourcing team, North American Sourcing Team, US Product development team, US Design Team, US Quality Team, US Merchandising    


  • Spoken and written English
  • Understand basic business finance concepts and interface/discuss these in English with US and China teams:

Margin calculations

Delivery lead times

Business terms

  • Sourcing/Trade office routines:

Positively manage relationship with factory customer service personnel

Mange sample flow

Conduct new product negotiations: product prices, minimum order quantities, sample deliveries and delivery lead times

Interface with US teams about all new product issues.

  • Understand basic manufacturing requirements:

Material characteristics, key quality concerns and cost implications

Construction steps, constraints and cost implications


5 days' work, 13 months, 15 days annual leave, medical insurance.

Interest parties, please send your resume with expected salary and availability to us.


Additional Information

Years of Experience
3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Double pay, Five-day work week, Life insurance, Medical insurance

Company Overview

We are a leading specialty pet retailer of services and solution in USA with over 1,500 stores.