jobsDB is the most used recruitment media among job seekers for 7 consecutive years.*

Job seeker members highlight:

Qualifications: Degree holders or above (69%)

Age: 21 - 30 (23%), 31 - 40 (33%)

* Recruitment media include all job sites, recruitment newspapers & magazines, headhunting agencies. Claim based on research conducted by Nielsen Telebus Survey 2007-2013 (Copyright © Nielsen)

How can jobsDB Online Advertising benefit you?

Our Banner and Email advertisements provide you unforeseen and unrecognized benefits such as:

Target Specific
Reach a highly specified group of audience
Online ads can be posted for longer periods and across a wider spectrum, when compared to traditional media
Instant Response
Provide performance tracking capability with various feedback or response tools (e.g. tracking reports, online forms and questionnaires, etc.)
Time to Market
Save your time in approaching potential consumers and preparing advertising material