HR General Planning

The hiring intention in the coming quarter is expected to remain stable. The survey results show that 59% of employers intend to hire staff in the coming three months, same as Q1 2013. Clerical / Frontline staff has the highest demand with 59% of employers plan to look for staff at this level, while 56% of employers plan to hire Middle Management / Non-managerial / Professionals level of staff.

Preference in Hiring Fresh Graduates

About one-third of employers (31%) intend to hire fresh graduates in the coming three months. Over half of them (55%) will hire both degree and non-degree graduates, while 40% prefer to hire degree graduates or above only. The average monthly salaries they plan to offer to non-degree and degree holders are $9,648 and $12,778 respectively.

Fresh Graduate Employment

47% of respondents claimed they have hired fresh graduates in past 12 months. The average salaries offered to non-degree and degree graduates were $9,204, and $12,125 respectively. 62% said the overall expected salary of fresh graduates was about the same as the salary they offered, while 31% of them reported that the overall expected salary was higher than the salary offered. Among respondents who said the overall expected salary was too high, the expected salary was 13.4% higher than the salary offered.

The top three reasons for employers to hire fresh graduates are “Willing to follow instructions”, “Having lower expectation on salary” and “Able to handle more challenge”. On the other hand, the most common reasons for not hiring fresh graduates are “No vacancies suitable for fresh graduates”, “Lack of experience” and “Not stable”.

Fresh Graduate Turnover

Among respondents who have hired fresh graduates in the past 3 years, about half of them (48%) reported that they have a turnover rate of 50% or above for new graduates. 41% of respondents reported the average length of service for new graduates is 1 – 2 years, while 34% said the average is 3 – 12 months.

The most common reasons for leaving are “Better opportunities available”(68%), “Unsuitable job nature”(40%) and “Not satisfied with salary and benefits” (29%).