For those respondents who are currently employed, 62% had a pay rise in 2014, up 3% compared with last year. Only 3% got a pay cut.

Over half of respondents from different job functions were offered a pay rise and only a low percentage of respondents got a pay cut. The highest percentage of respondents who got a pay cut is from Hospitality / F&B (11%).

The average salary adjustment in 2014 is 5.9%. Professional Services is reported to have the highest increase in salary (9.6%). Most of the job functions record an increase in salary adjustment compared with 2013. The average satisfaction rating is 2.6 in 2014.

Among the respondents who changed jobs in the previous year, the increase in monthly salary is 6% while those who did not change jobs, the increase in monthly salary is 7.1%.

Among the respondents who intend to change jobs, the increase in monthly salary is 5.3% while those who do not intend to change jobs, the increase in monthly salary is 8.3%.

In 2014, on average, fresh employees got a higher salary adjustment than experienced employees. However, as the salary base of experienced employees is higher, the actual size of increment is similar among all employees in terms of amount.

In terms of job positions, average salary adjustment rate ranges from 1.6% to 14.0%. The highest average salary increase is observed in Visual Merchandiser (14.0%) from Design and Risk Manager (12.6%) from Banking / Finance. Salary adjustment details of the following job functions are presented in this report.

Accounting Manufacturing
Admin & HR Marketing / Public Relations
Banking / Finance Media & Advertising
Building & Construction Merchandising & Purchasing
Design Professional Services
Education Property / Real Estate
Engineering Sales, CS & Business Development
Hospitality / F & B Sciences, Lab, R&D
Information Techonology (IT) Transportation & Logistics
  • Salary adjustment details will not be provided when number of the data values used in calculation for individual job position is less than 4.
  • Job function with less than 2 job positions will not be shown.

Overall, 57% of currently employed respondents received a bonus in 2014. Hospitality / F&B recorded the largest bonus size (2.0 months of basic salary), followed by Banking / Finance (1.7 months). The average bonus size for all respondents is 1.3 months.

On average, 51% of respondents received double pay last year. Over 80% of respondents from job functions including Manufacturing, Merchandising & Purchasing and Transportation & Logistics received double pay. For most of the remaining job functions, only 40-50% of respondents got double pay. Average size of double pay recorded is 1.1 months of basic monthly salary.