Jobs DB Inc. Signs On as Overseas Virtual Community Partner of National Computer Board's Online Technologies Consortium

Singapore : 03 June 1999

Jobs DB Inc., is proud to announce the signing of the Community Connection Agreement with Online Technologies Consortium (OTC), which is an initiative fostered and hosted by the National Computer Board (NCB) Singapore, on 3 June 1999.

With the signing at NCB's premises, Jobs DB Inc. will become a virtual community alliance partner of OTC incorporating its recruitment network into OTC's network of virtual communities, Community Connection

Mr Samuel Sung, Chairman of Jobs DB Inc., remarked that the inclusion of an online interactive recruitment network was recognition of how the recruitment world is changing with the advent of the internet.

"The direct interaction of corporate employers with job seekers over the internet has two important effects; it reduces recruitment time dramatically and reduces the very high cost of recruitment using traditional means" he said.

Job seekers who post their resumes at make themselves available to both local and international companies to headhunt them. At the same time, provides the individuals a high degree of security and privacy over the release of their resumes.

Jobs DB Inc.'s globalization plan to open up to 10 offices in the region by year end 1999 is inline with OTC's effort to attract more regional traffic to Community Connection by providing compelling services to users in the region.

Michael Yap, Chief Executive, NCB commented: "Key partners like Jobs DB Inc. will complement OTC's efforts to establish new channels for businesses on the Community Connection network to reach customers outside of Singapore."

In response, Mr Sung said that Jobs DB Inc. is proud to be a part of OTC's ever expanding group which has the foresight and determination to become a significant force within the internet community.