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  • MPhil or above in Science or Engineering
  • Experiences in 3D metal printing
  • Research experience in powder metallurgy
  • Research Incubation & Commercialization
  • Implement Strategic Business Development Plan
  • Promote NAMI to existing/prospective collaborators
  • PhD in Biochemistry, Polymer or Material Eng/Sci
  • Knowledge in polymer, silicone or elastomers
  • Experience in polymerization and synthesis
  • PhD in Organic / Material Chemistry
  • Experience in organic reactions / compounds design
  • Fast-track career progression
  • MPhil or above in Textile / Polymer / Chemistry
  • Experienced in dip-pad-dry-curing / fiber-spinning
  • Knowledge of organic/inorganic reactions
  • PhD/MPhil in Polymer/Material/Chem. Science/Eng.
  • Research experience in energy related materials
  • Fast-track career progression
  • MPhil/PhD in Chemical, Materials Sci/Eng
  • Develop electrolyte of electro-polishing
  • Experience in electrochemical, surface treatment