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Set yourself apart from other employers

Factors such as pay, benefits and company culture have a tremendous influence on job seekers when they’re looking for companies to apply to. Go the extra mile in promoting your brand with our range of advertising solutions.

  • Standard Job Ad
  • brandedAD+
  • Display Advertising
Standard Job Ad



A new and effective way to present yourself to win over top quality talents.


Here are the advantages of using brandedAD+:

  1. Differentiate your employer brand by showcasing your brand image and value proposition.
  2. Attract more attention to your job ad with the optimal display of your brand.
  3. Show your company logo on your job ad and job search listing and job alert emails.
  4. Customised job ad template, to give your brand a consistent look showcasing your unique brand values.

Required specifications:

Company Logo
Dimension: minimum 512px for width or height
File format: JPEG or PNG

Dimension: must be 1000px (width) x 338px (height)
File format: JPEG or PNG

The importance of employer branding

A great way for an employer to differentiate itself in today’s increasingly competitive job market is to enhance its employer brand. Basically your employer brand is the impression that people have about your company as a place to work. It’s about whether jobseekers want to join your organisation. It is very important to portray and cultivate your company’s image in the job market more consciously during your recruitment process.

With economic fluctuations and societal and demographic changes, such as an aging population and the changes that technology has made to the way we communicate, as well as the vast number of people that we can access, it is critical that an organisation is recognised as a great place to work in order to source and attract top talent. It is paramount to a company’s success.

Develop a world-class employer branding

To kick off the development of your employer brand is to do research that involves gaining a really good understanding of what candidates want in their place of work. Based on your research, develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Basically, your EVP is the commitment that you’re making to your employees and to future candidates.

Now that you know what you need to say and what makes your company a great place to work, you need to share that with the people outside of your organisation. Therefore, you need to communicate externally through our range of advertising solutions, such as standard job ad, brandedAD+, and display advertising, to get your employer brand across outside of your organisation.

We are the ultimate go-to platform when you want to use online media to maximise the reach of your campaign. Get inspired to design world-class employer branding. A structured and strategic approach.

Improve your company’s positioning in the job market

If you have a very distinctive differentiator that sets your company apart from other companies, expect to receive quality candidates who will be proud of working for your company. The values that are lived and breathed in a company that can be felt by customers, partners and the outside world will resonate and influence jobseekers’ impressions towards your brand.

Whether you’re looking for fresher ways to communicate your brand, or more effectiveness in reaching target candidates, JobsDB’s Employer Branding Services has everything you need to design the right campaign. We offer trainings and webinars to supercharge your branding efforts. Teach you how to develop a solid employer branding strategy based on your organisation’s most important business objectives, define your critical talent groups, describe your EVP and KPIs, set your creative strategy, and optimise your communication channel mix and activation plan.

Build a strong company branding for your business

We understand that every recruitment is very challenging and the competition to hire top talents is intense. Why not partner with JobsDB? Our Employer Branding Services will help your brand stands out to the best candidates. We make sure that your brand gets great first impression with our branding solutions such as brandedAD+ and display advertising. We have proactive customer service and training to help you increase your odds of hiring top talents.

Reach out to 1.9 million candidates all over the country by promoting your employer brand with Asia’s best talent sourcing partner. JobsDB provides executive, expert and technical recruitment support for the Hong Kong market. Let us assist you in building the best branding campaign. You deserve to find candidates with the right motivation and achievements to make your business succeed. Partner with us today!