Speed up the hiring process with these features

Set yourself apart from other employers

Factors such as pay, benefits and company culture have a tremendous influence on job seekers when they’re looking for companies to apply to. Go the extra mile in promoting your brand with our range of advertising solutions.

  • Standard Job Ad
  • brandedAD+
  • Display Advertising
Standard Job Ad



A new and effective way to present yourself to win over top quality talents.


Here are the advantages of using brandedAD+:

  1. Differentiate your employer brand by showcasing your brand image and value proposition.
  2. Attract more attention to your job ad with the optimal display of your brand.
  3. Show your company logo on your job ad and job search listing and job alert emails.
  4. Customised job ad template, to give your brand a consistent look showcasing your unique brand values.

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